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Keep up the Dollhouse Tradition

For the longest time, dollhouses have been a favorite toy for kids, and with good reason. From preparing meals, to hosting tea parties, to dressing up dolls, a dollhouse offers plenty of play options. My Little Princess: Castle is a game that continues this tradition. However, it offers a digital dollhouse for your child. You can play it on your Android as well as iOS device or use our guide to install My Little Princess: Castle for PC.

What’s great about this game is that it does not restrict participants to tiny spaces, as is the case of actual dollhouses. There are plenty of virtual rooms available and hence a whole lot more to do. Even better is the medieval theme of the game. It transports children into a world with a royal family to meet and a castle to explore. A television, jukebox, refrigerator, and other modern items add to the theme, making for some appealing settings. There are different characters to interact with, such as knights, ladies, guards, and so on. The game even treats players to a little bit of magical wonder using spells, potions, and a witch who uses a dungeon for a lair.

Over 10 Rooms to Explore

My Little Princess: Castle is no different from other titles developed by My Town Games.  In typical fashion, this game also offers players a virtual world with several areas and rooms to play in. In this case, there are over ten rooms filled with hidden secrets and surprises to explore. Players can visit a rustic kitchen and make food, check out what a royal bathroom looks like, or throw a party in the ballroom. After having all the fun, you can put the princesses and princes to sleep in their marvelous bedrooms. Alternatively, take a chance to find out what lies in the castle’s dungeon.

Child-friendly Controls keep play easy

One thing to note about this game is that there are no instructions offered or even prompts to guide kids during play. But, the game is so easy to play. Every room features a ton of interactive elements as well as the ability to interchange characters at will. Playing is as simple as clicking and moving characters or items around the different room settings thanks to the game’s multi-touch hotspots.

Tips and Tricks for Playing MY LITTLE PRINCESS : CASTLE on PC

  • Have Fun

There are no rules in this game, which means one can do just about anything. A player can dress up the witch in the queen’s attire, throw the maid in the royal bathroom, let out the witch from the dungeon, and even play music while the princesses are sleeping in their rooms.  The kind of fun adventures one can have are all up to your imagination.

  • Search for Precious Crystals

As with any game, My Little Princess Castle requires players to gather precious resources. The premium items that you will have to grind for in this game are precious crystals. The crystals turn into magical potions, which one can do with as they please.

  • Connect to other My Little Princess Games

The characters in this title are slightly limited compared to what other my little princess games offer. However, this is no big deal as there is the added advantage of connectivity between these games. That means you can move characters, as well as objects from one my little princess game to another. So, if you feel that you need more, just import characters into this game to expand the scope of play.


About My Little Princess : Castle FREE:

My Little Princess: Castle offers all the delights of a dollhouse and more. The game is all about imagination thanks to an open-ended design that puts all control in a player’s hands. But,  more than providing hours of fun, the award-winning developers of this game promise to instill creativity, and interactive skills in your child. The game also has the advantage of being kid-friendly. There are no ads or in-app purchases, while external links to other games are parent protected.

Developer: My Town Games Ltd
Download: Android or iOS

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