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Rescue Your Friends

Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2 is a fun horror adventure game. You take on the role of Esther, who is in an orphanage in Britain. The story begins with the donation of toys to the children’s home. Among them are three evil dolls that will cause havoc by haunting the house.

Along the way, your character will experience nightmares, and her friends will start to disappear one by one. Thus, it will be Esther’s job to save them through various missions.

She will have to overcome hindrances along the way. You will need a lot of patience, guts, and nerves of steel to play this game.

Unlocking the Nightmare

There are many tools at your disposal. You will use them to avoid the evil dolls and at the same time find your friends. Eventually, with these tools, you will be able to stop the tyranny of evil.

Firstly, there are the six medallions. Each one is in a different location, and you will encounter many challenges to reach them. However, once you have them, they will help keep Mr. Hopp at bay for a while. As a result, you will get time to move without the fear of coming across foes.

Note that you will have to gather the medallions in order, from the first to last. Also, touching one of them can teleport you to a safe place.

It helps to finish a quest before you run out of time. Each one is unique and has attributes that come in handy in the game.

Another thing to look out for is sets of keys. They assist in opening many of the locked doors you will come across. Locked rooms are places where you can search for your friends.

Last but not least is the collection of the nine candles, sage, salt, and a trinket to end the reign of Mr. Hopp and his friends in ritual.

Note that these are some of the tools you can use to help you accomplish your goal. When playing, you will come across many more gameplay concepts.

More Game Characters

Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2 features other characters besides Esther. Each one has a specific role they perform for the continuation of the story.

Already, you are aware of Mr. Hopp. However, he has friends, Ms. Mo and Mr. Stripes. The trio is responsible for haunting the Orphanage. A living nightmare, they scare everyone and try to stop you from accomplishing your objectives.

Others characters include the matrons, who are in charge of the children in the home. When they find Esther up and about after hours, they send her back to her room. Consequently, they interfere with her missions. She should avoid them all the time because they can even imprison her in a cell.

Additionally, there are the friends of Esther, Isaac, and Molly. They are missing, and Esther is looking for them to save them from the clutches of the evil dolls. Other characters like Steven and Dee appear along the way to help develop the story.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2 on PC

• Collect Coins

The in-game currency of Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2 game is coins. The main objective is to gather them along the way. You can use the coins to buy min-game chapters, which give a reprieve from the main horror storyline. They can be your escape from the nightmare for some time.

• Walk Carefully

The slightest noise you make will attract Mr. Hopp and his friends. Therefore, stealth is a vital skill in this game. There are many ways to stay quiet. For example, do not run or step on toys as this will create enough sound to indicate you are on the move. The sound reflects on the noise meter above your health bar. If you make a ruckus, Mr. Hopp or his friends will appear to stop your progress and set you back. Therefore, avoid detection at all costs by being quiet.

• Play Video Ads

You will come across a few video ads in Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2. Keep an eye on them and steam to activate the ability to be invisible. Once activated, you can move around without being seen by Mr. Hopp and his friends.

• Maneuver Around Obstacles

There are many obstacles in this game. For instance, you may have to jump over toys. If you step on them, you will attract attention. Also, you could encounter dangerous traps. For example, you might need to dodge a swinging ax to avoid injury.

How to play

How to play Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2 on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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About Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse 2:

Mr.Hopp’s Playhouse 2 game is a spine-tingling horror RPG filled with adventure. You will play as Esther, and her job is to stop three malevolent dolls haunting the Blacklands Manor Orphanage. Her friends are missing. Meanwhile, Mr. Hopp, Ms. Mo, and Mr. Stripes are terrorizing everyone. She has to find them and mount a rescue. Esther will come across many obstacles but will do her best to prevail. Other characters like Dee try to help her stop the trio, but the Matrons hinder her efforts. You will go through many chapters and phases to reach your objective in the game. However, the missions will take you closer to your goal. Medallions, salt, sage, candles, keys are some of the tools you will use to accomplish your purpose. Download this game and have a go at it if this is your kind of genre.

Developer: Moonbit
Download: Android or iOS

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