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Halloween Themed Game

Looking for the perfect game to entertain yourself or little ones this Halloween? Well, you can keep up the holiday spirit with Monster Farm: Happy Halloween Game & Ghost Village. Foranj is the development studio that created this game. They are the same team behind similar games like Sweet Candy Farm and Farm Zoo. Monster Farm for PC is also a farming game, but it features a Halloween theme. The game surely lives up to its name thanks to the creepy art style and whimsical yet sinister music playing in the background.

Bring Monsters Together

Monster Farm is about a zombie castaway living on the fringes of a township with lots of wooded areas. The zombie cultivates magical crops on his farm. Your main objective is to use these crops as ingredients to make tasty treats for Halloween. Ghosts, vampires, and a host of other monsters will be more than happy to help. You can even create fashionable costumes for them. The monster farm will look like any other horror party with lots of sweet treats being passed around. Yards with vultures, scarecrows and werewolves will no doubt be a big draw. Every kid in Ghost Town knows that the monster farm on Route 666, Transylvania is the place to be.

Produce Magical Halloween Treats

As the kids start to flock in wearing cool costumes, you have to complete their orders. In the beginning, the game provides you with free land for farming. Grow everything from pumpkin jacks to magical mushrooms or keep vultures for their rare eggs. The game will give you recipes for making cookies, candies, birthday cakes and more. However, you need equipment and factories for production. You can set up everything from a Dracula bar and Witch oven to the candy crusher or food processor. Business on Monster Farm for PC will be booming as townsfolk and people from neighboring lands come to buy your irresistible magical goodies.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Monster Farm on PC

• Finish the Orders
Make sure to complete the orders on your request board. Completing these requests for cookies, candy, and other Halloween treats will help you earn more stars, cash, and level rank. You can access the request board by tapping the typewriter icon.

• Speed Up Production
Production of sweet treats takes time. Use Maleficent’s magic to speed up production without spending your hard-earned rubies. Her magic reduces as you use it. Once entirely drained, it replenishes with time. The game might also give you a chance to watch a video and recharge the magic.

• Get More Farm Land
You need space to set up a garden bed and yard for your scarecrows, werewolves or vultures. Space fills up as you add more resources to your farm. If you are running low on space, use you an ax to clear tree stumps. You can also extend your farm by purchasing an adjacent lot of land that is on sale.

• Watch Video Ads
If you have an active Internet connection, the game will offer you a chance to watch video ads. This is a great way to earn other perks without using your rubies. For instance, you can speed up other production tasks or get a free tool by watching an ad clip.


About Monster Farm: Happy Halloween Game & Ghost Village:

Developer: foranj
Download: Android or iOS

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