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How to play MMA Manager on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Recruit the Best Fighting Talent

With MMA Manager for PC and mobile, fans of mixed martial arts are in for a treat. In this game published by Prey Studios, you take on the role of a talent recruiter searching for the best skilled fighters. Every new recruit gets 25 skill points for a start, which you have to assign to individual abilities such as kicks, punches, elbows, knees, and so on. The more points you allocate to one attribute, the better your fighter will be at it. So, it is essential to create a good balance. Once your fighter is ready to compete, the next step is finding challengers to start building an impressive record.

However, your work in MMA Manager doesn’t end there. From establishing a training facility to finding professionals who can run it, this game has a lot more to offer.

Watch Your Fighters Wrestle to the Top

MMA Manager comes with a campaign mode where players can read a short background story of who they will fight before brawling with fighters from other gyms. On the other hand, there are quick matches as well, which pit your recruits against random opponents. Whichever mode you play, fighters take each other on in three thirty second rounds. In order to win, your fighter must do so via knock out or score more points as decided by judge decisions.

One of the unique aspects about this creation from Prey Studios is that the fighting action is completely hands off. Therefore, you can only sit back and watch as matches unfold. The person who comes out on top boils down to two things – stats and the chosen fighting style. However, you have a role to play though as far as winning or losing is concerned.  As a manager, it is your duty to ensure the fighters in your roster get the best training possible, which brings us to the next part of playing this game – building a gym.

Manage the Best Gym in Town

Whether you choose to play MMA Manager for PC or on your mobile device, the game truly lives up to its name. A core part of the gameplay is building a gym where your prized fighters can hone their skills and get strong before heading into matches. Initially, you start with a small basement room and have to fill it with training equipment. As you progress more in the game, you will be able to acquire a bigger space that can accommodate more equipment as well as many gym members.

The store is filled with just about every training item an MMA fighter would need. So, make sure to visit it and buy everything from weights and punching bags, to rings and cardio machines. Your training equipment earns prestige points, which attract more and better paying members. Furthermore, the more prestige your gym generates, the better its reputation becomes.

The next order of business after equipping your gym is making sure it operates well. And, like a true manager, you can hire personal trainers or fighting coaches. They will train your fighters on aspects like strength, agility, clinchwork, and takedowns.

Tips & Tricks for Playing MMA Manager on PC

  • Focus on Quests & Achievements Goals

The Quests & Achievements section features a list of tasks that once accomplished, reward you with cash, prestige points, and credits. So, make sure to follow the quest line because this will help you get the resources needed to keep improving your fighters. More importantly, quest and achievement goals serve as a guide early on in the game, allowing you to learn your way around the different menus.

  • Adjust Your Game Plan Accordingly

Another fantastic feature about playing MMA Manager for PC is that you can adjust your fighter’s gameplan to counter opponent fighting styles. For example, when going up against a challenger who is really good at kicks, a good strategy is to change your fighter’s transitions to all-in takedowns. Doing so will force your opponent to the ground where he can’t kick.

In addition, there are a lot of preferences to adjust when it comes to fighting style. They range from positioning tweaks to attack and defensive techniques. Therefore, there is no shortage of strategies that you can employ to counter any challenger’s fighting style.

  • Chose a Mix of Trainers

The trainers in MMA Manager have a star cap that is reflective of how much they will cost you tohire. As a result, higher tier coaches are expensive and take longer periods to train fighters.  With such trainers, you can schedule workouts just before exiting the game and come back later on to find improved fighters ready to go. On the flip side, the cheaper gym coaches trainer a lot faster. As such, you may want to have them around too since they will come in handy when you want to get in some quick workouts in between matches.

  • Even the Odds

Finally, keep in mind that the menus in MMA Manager offer an option to select the difficulty level just before a fight. You may choose to go for equal, challenging, very strong or impossible brawls. The higher the difficulty, the greater the cash reward for the winner. However, choose the difficulty level that matches your fighter’s stats. Although it is tempting to go up against a stronger fighter, chances are that you will lose, which reflects bad on the fighter’s performance history. By evening the odds, you will have a better chance of winning and building a roster of fighters with impressive win-loss records.


About MMA Manager:

If you are looking for a sports game where you get to run the show behind the scenes and help athletes rise to the top, MMA Manager might pique your interest. Prey Studios, the team behind this title, offer varied gameplay that keeps things from getting dull. From building a gym full of fighters and hiring trainers, to adjusting battle techniques and customizing your fighters with gear, players have lots to do. . The campaign mode adds a fun dynamic where you get to take on another manager’s gym, fight bosses, and compete in tournaments. Overall, MMA Manager is a well designed game that challenges you to make smart choices when it comes to resource spending and fighting strategy.

Developer: Prey Studios
Download: Android or iOS

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