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How to play MINImax Tinyverse on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Epic Battles in a Miniature World

MINImax Tinyverse is a real-time strategy game that will get you hooked thanks to its fun concept. It takes place in a tiny universe hidden in the depths of an old antique shop. In this miniature world lives small beings that stand about 2-5cm tall. These creatures go by the name MINIs. And, while they may be small, don’t let their size fool you. The MINIs are mighty warriors at war. What’s more, they could use the help of god-like beings like you to lead them to victory. 

Your role in this game is to command epic battles in 1v1 duels against players from all over the world.

The best part is that Nimble Neuron created this fun game to run on all devices. Therefore, you can play MINImax Tinyverse for PC or on your smartphone and tablet with ease.


Two Factions at War

In the Tinyverse world, two realms have been at war for a long time, fighting for dominion over the land. On one hand, there is the Aillai, a human-like sun-worshipping race. Characters in this realm value honor, order, and unity above all else. On the other hand, the free-spirited Creaean realm worship moonlight and comprise of four tribes.

Regardless of which realm you choose to go into battle with, there are two kinds of characters to use in this game. First, you have troopers. These are your faithful minions who fight to the death. Although troopers cannot hear you, they can feel your presence. You will also be able to offer them valuable assists by casting miracles.

The other characters involved in this game are champions. Only one can go into battle, so it is essential to choose wisely. Champions are well famous heroes in their respective realms. These mighty warriors can recognize and hear your voice, allowing you to instruct them on how and when to use their active skills.


Simple Deployment Controls

Whether you choose to play MINImax Tinverse for PC or mobile, the controls are very intuitive and fun to use on any device. Just like a god, you can literally pick up your MINIs and drop them where you want.

Everything else in this game happens automatically, be it the brawling or movement of units. So, you can just sit back, observe, and make strategic moves to help you MINIs do well in battle.

Besides deploying the right kind of troops where and when they are needed, you can also use powerful miracles to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Pull off god-like moves like healing your allies, shielding them in a bubble, dropping meteors on enemies, and so much more.

It takes rations to summon troopers, whereas casting spells will require you to spend mana.

While the battles in Tinyverse only take place in 4-minutes, that is equivalent to 2-days to the MINIs. Your goal is to score the most points before time runs out by destroying the most watchtowers and guardians. Also, the player that manages to lead their hero into the enemy base and destroy it gets an instant win.

Tips & Tricks for Playing MINImax Tinyverse on PC

  • Practice

MINImax Tinyverse is very newbie-friendly because the game has a practice mode where you can get a taste of battle and prepare for the real fights against other players. However, this mode is not just useful for those who are new to the game. It is also the right place to test all your newly unlocked champions, troopers, and heroes.

  • Level Up

You need to level up if you want your team to get stronger. Therefore, make sure to claim your chests, which contain upgrade cards for your champions, troopers, towers, and miracles. You can spend tickets to buy treasure trunks and level-up boxes or earn them after winning matches.

  • Watch the Clock

There is a countdown timer at the top center of your screen. Keep an eye on it to track the day and night cycles that interchange after every 60-seconds.

The Creaean units become more aggressive at night, whereas their Aillain counterparts perform best when the sun is shining. Therefore, you may want to wait until the time of day is in your favor to mount an offensive attack. On the other hand, when conditions are favoring the other side, the smart thing to do is prepare to defend.

  • Deploy on All Lanes

Unlike other PvP MOBA games, MINImax Tinyverse only as two lanes that troops can travel through on their way to the enemy base. The first one is a longer route that curves in the middle and takes a bit of time to travel through. Lane two is shorter, offering a straight path to the opponent’s base, but there is a river that will slow down troops and champions who don’t have combat swimming skills.

Although you can use one lane that best supports your strategy, it is better to use both at the same time. That way, you could overwhelm your rivals by forcing them to defend two lanes.


About MINImax Tinyverse:

MINImax Tinyverse is Nimble Neurons take on the real-time strategy (RTS) genre, where two players do battle by commanding a group of small, mighty beings. Takedown the most towers and guardians before time runs out, or be the first to destroy your enemy’s base to come out victorious. The creators of this game came up with charming graphics and animations that make it fun to play. You can pick up and drop champions and troopers into battle like a god. The game even has a hand graphic appear in the skies or cast a shadow on the MINIs when you summon them to fight. Overall, this is a fun, competitive RTS game with a charming miniature art style and epic battles that offer some enjoyable entertainment.

Developer: Nimble Neuron
Download: Android or iOS

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