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How to play Miner to Miner To Rich - Idle Tycoon Simulator on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Mine Your Way to Riches

Brought to you by Acropora, Miner to Rich Idle Tycoon for PC and mobile is a new idle game where the goal is to become super-rich. It is an idle clicker in which you have struck gold. As such, you operate a mine by deploying different workers who collect coins on your behalf. From diggers and transporters to mine shaft operators and explosives experts, you literally have an army going as deep as possible into the mine, collecting as much gold coins as they can. Become an industrial tycoon in this fun, casual game by mining your way to riches.


Automate Mining Operations

A common feature when it comes to idle games is that there is some level of automated gameplay. In Miner to Rich, you can have supervisors manage the coin mining activities on your behalf. Once assigned, these managers will keep your miners working even after you exit the game. As a result, you can always look forward to logging back into the game to find a large stash of coins lying in wait. Also, the offline earnings will play a significant role in making your mine more productive. That is because you need coins to upgrade your player level, dig new mine shafts, assign managers, and so on.


Lots of Mines to Unlock

Whether you choose to play Miner to Rich Idle Tycoon for PC or the default mobile version, things get more exciting the deeper you go into the mines. There are plenty of new shafts to reach. Although you start mining gold coins, the other mines you unlock will reward you with additional resources. Later on, you can look forward to starting the collection of rewards like coal, rubies, crystals, moonstones, jade, and amethysts from other ores.

Besides mineral rewards, you can also earn supercash after reaching various upgrade milestones. Note that this is the only in-game currency that remains consistent across all mine shafts. It will come in handy when you want to increase the skill bonus duration for managers.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Miner to Rich Idle Tycoon on PC

  • Hire Managers

The first thing that you should do in this game is to hire managers. Generally, make sure there is someone supervising every single mine shaft, elevator, and depot. It is essential to do this because that is how the game transitions from active to idle. In other words, the managers will make sure your miners are working without having to tap on the screen for any worker to do their job.

Keep in mind also that each manager has a skill bonus. For example, you can get a boost in mining speed, more coins, a faster transporter, and so on when you use a particular manager. Therefore, make sure to put your managers where their bonus skill is most effective.

  • Use the Bonus Boosts

There are several bonus boosters that multiply your coin earnings by a factor of 2, 10, 20, or 100 over a limited period.   For instance, these power-ups can remain active for an hour or ten minutes. One of the boosters is free, but the rest will cost either supercash or gems. If you want to increase your earnings fast for a vital upgrade, make sure to use these bonus boosters.

  • Improve on Ineff iciencies

Another essential skill in this game is being able to spot any process that is sluggish and upgrading it to increase eff iciency. For example, if you see the transporter making many return trips to the depot with an empty wagon, then upgrade the elevator’s speed. Always remember that the miners work systematically. As a result, a flaw in one area will slow down the amount of cash per second that you collect.

  • Open New Mine Shafts

Lastly, prioritize on opening new mine shafts as soon as the opportunity presents itself, even if it means putting off other upgrades. The reason for this is because miners from new mine shafts collect large amounts of money right off the bat. Therefore, they help your coin gathering capacity to sky-rocket. Just remember never to leave any mine shaft without a manager so that they can keep your miners working even when you are offline.


About Miner to Rich - Idle Tycoon Simulator:

If you are a big fan of clicker games, then Miner to Rich Idle Tycoon Simulator is on title that might be your cup of tea. As the name implies, the game challenges you to manage a mine. There are different workers to deploy, managers to hire, and upgrades to purchase. All your decisions have an impact on the mine’s ability to generate more money. Your managerial skills will no doubt be tested but at the end of the day, there is lots of cash to make in the game. The best part is that this is an idle game, so it will keep generating idle cash even if you are offline.

Developer: Acropora
Download: Android or iOS

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