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A Captivating Take on Lord of the Rings

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is a great epic battle game that continues Talion’s journey through Mordor. The real-time game features all the iconic characters that you encountered when playing Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and even some from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Are you a fun of Celebrimbor, Gimli or Eltariel? Well, your adventure with these characters will continue, courtesy of this game! If you were hoping for something exciting that will consume your time in the best way then indulging in this game’s missions is not an option.

As one of the most anticipated Android games, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will awaken the competitor in you. The basic story that you will encounter here is like that of the sequel but it plays completely different. For a more diverse take on the game, Download Middle-earth: Shadow of War For PC.

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A Battling Action Adventure

As already discussed, you will still be playing Talion, a ranger who possesses the spirit of Celebrimbor, the elf lord. You will be required to assemble an army of men. elves and dwarves, who will help you fight against invaders. You will not be able to get enough of this battling adventure.

The action only lasts for a few minutes but it is highly engaging. The game adds more depth and personality to your character, in comparison to the Talion character that you encountered in the previous version of Shadow of War. If you are familiar with combat games, then you will appreciate the great lengths that this one goes to for your enjoyment.

Who Will Make Up The Army?

First and foremost, it is important to point out that Sean Bean is a character who is highly unreliable. Although he is part of the army, do not get too attached to him.

Other characters include Gimli, who will make an appearance every now and again, as well as Boromir. It is up to you to ensure that they are in the best fighting shape. You will be in total control of four heroes. And with the heavy combat that will ensure, you need to take the bull by the horns.

Your heroes will help you to journey across the vastness of Middle-Earth and combat the Dark Lord’s forces. As Talion is interested in becoming king, you have to play to impress. Players can equally Download Middle-earth: Shadow of War For PC and play the game without any limits.

Tips and Tricks For playing Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

Talion may be an immortal powerhouse with an abundance of supernatural abilities but even he needs guidance and assistance from you to successfully move from place to place. When playing this game, consider the following tips and tricks:

• Roleplay
Shadow of War is not a game that gives more weight to the fighting action. In fact, a majority of the gameplay focuses on role-playing. Learn how to interact with friendly characters as well as your enemies. This gives the game a fresh perspective especially in relation to the decisions that Talion will be making.

• Level up the Ring of Power
The Ring of Power is a piece of gear that increase Talion’s strength. When you level it up, your character will enjoy special skills, attributes, and traits. As such, you will be able to greatly customize your play skills.

• Complete the Challenges
Granted, completing challenges is no walk in the park but once you do, you will receive a variety of bonuses. For instance, you may receive a 25% addition to your stealth damage. This will make you very dangerous among your attackers. Challenges always work to your advantage.

• Do not take health for granted
Health is really hard to come by in the game. Therefore, do not take it for granted, instead, find ways to recover it in the heat of battle. Boon the lookout for herbs and plants that you will find scattered all over the map. They represent health potions. However, getting to them is no easy task especially because your enemies are always watching.

• There is no shame in making a quick exit
When your health is very low, sprint to the nearest herb on the map. While this may make you appear weak in front of your opponents, it will give you an opportunity to regroup and return to the fight stronger than you were before.

• Make necessary upgrades
The game will allow you to upgrade health, run slots and other potions or items that are necessary for successful gameplay. Strive to collect a currency called Mirian as it is only through this that you can make an upgrade. The currency can be collected by successfully indulging in any of the challenge missions.

• Pay special attention to your ranger abilities
These abilities influence melee combat and sword fighting. Thus, strive to unlock higher-level abilities at the beginning of the game as they will make you stronger. It is quite easy to unlock ranger abilities, especially on the campaign course.

• Go for missions with red icons
On your map, the only mission that is marked with a red icon represents a power struggle. An example of such missions is interrupting the army while it is having a feast or challenging opponents to death. These missions will enable you to accrue power. Therefore, you should go for them as soon as possible.

• Do not stress about the wildlife
As you play, you will unlock high-level abilities that will make killing wild animals such as corridors and groups much easier. Do not give them too much attention or let them affect your gameplay.

• Dodge poison and ranged weapons
Ranged and poison attacks cannot be brushed off. Therefore, you should do your best to avoid these attacks by taking out the archers. This way, they will not throw poisonous spears at you. Also, be on the lookout as these attacks may occur without prior warning. There is no cure for them.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War
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