Metal Squad On Your Windows PC / Mac Download And Install (Trailer)

Download and Play “Metal Squad” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Get Ready For War

Get your guns and be ready because it’s time to go to war! Metal Squad is a 2D shooting action game that requires its players to go through a variety of levels, fighting enemies and army leaders. You can use metal tanks, helicopters and any other mode of defense that will guarantee your protection.
The game will take you through series of classic levels where you will need to emerge victorious. Blow up all your enemies and do all you can to kill them using the shotguns and heavy machines that the game provides. You can also Download Metal Squad for PC in order not to miss out on this amazing gaming opportunity.

Play Through Unbelievable Levels

Metal squad is a game that boasts of 12 different levels that you can enjoy on your mobile interface or if you Download Metal Squad for PC. The game will challenge you with its well-created levels that include Impossible Desert to kill �Em All and much more.
Your main objectives are to defeat the boss and to complete the levels within a set time limit. There are 30+ enemies waiting for you in this gaming atmosphere, therefore, you have to ensure that you are focused enough to power through the levels. But this is hardly anything to worry about! The game in itself is an immersive experience that will transit you into a new world of fun.

Take Control

Metal Squad has a flawless control system that will ensure that you experience the smoothness and easiness that the game comes with. Players can also Download Metal Squad for PC in order to enjoy the game in this way. Players can also compete against their friends in a number of quests.

Pick Your Weapon

Metal Squad has a decent variety of weapons (four different machine guns) that will ensure the enemies are defeated in brilliant ways. The guns can simply be unlocked and with their maximum firing capacity, make you a threat against your enemies.

Metal Squad
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Tips and Tricks For Playing Metal Squad

As every player knows, it is important to have the right tips and tricks in order to successfully conquer a game. When playing Metal Squad, take a special note of the following:

• Complete the objectives in the given timeframe
When it comes to completing the objectives, do not go over the set time Instead, do it within the allocated time-frame. This will earn you, even more, points as you play.

• Take advantage of the powerful weapons
The only way to encounter your enemies successfully is by having the right weapons. Upgrade and purchase new weapons as much as you can. After all, this will set you apart from all other players.

• Choose a character that will compliment you
As you start fighting me the several missions, choose a character that will compliment you. For instance, John D is a character who was a M4A1 weapon, health stats of 1000+40 and speeds of 300+7. On the other hand, Dvorlnikov can blow away his enemies with a single shot. He has health stats of 1500+60 and speeds of 400+7. Therefore, it is important to select a character that is tailored to your gameplay strategy.

• Pay close attention to your enemies
In order to defeat your enemies, it is important to pay close attention to everything that they do. After all, you do not know when your hit is going to come. Learn how they move and master their maneuvers. This will give you an ace up on them.

About Metal Squad:

Developer: OneSoft Studio
Download: Android and iOS