Merge Plants: Zombie Defense on PC: Install+Get Tips & Tricks

Zombie Defense Meets Merge Plants Idle Game

Zombie-centered games often feature a high-paced and intense action where your life is constantly under threat. However, Merge Plants: Zombie Defense offers something different. You still have to defend yourself from swarms of zombies, but the game takes on a laid back and light-hearted nature.

Unlike other apocalypse-themed games where humanity hangs on the brink of extinction because of a strange zombie virus, in this particular release from ONESOFT, you get to enjoy an idle merge game. That’s right, and the goal of playing is to take down zombies using plants. The whole concept is hilarious and tons of fun. What’s more, you can install Merge Plants: Zombie Defense on your PC to enjoy even more it without feeling restricted on a small mobile device.

Merge Crops to Increase Power

The crops in Merge Plants: Zombie Defense are not your average flora. They feature the ability to fire shots (from their mouths), which are lethal to zombies. The game consists of a garden (in front of a house) with 12 slots for plants. Zombies appear from one corner and make their way around the garden in an attempt to get inside your home. As your last line of defense, the plants in your garden must put down the zombies before they make it into the house and eat your brains.

In every few seconds of play, the game will drop a pot onto a slot on the garden, which will then germinate into a plant. On the other hand, you must merge two similar plants to create a higher level and more powerful crop.

All plants fire shots continuously and can be moved around the field to achieve spot-on hits on the passing zombies. For every successful zombie takedown, the game rewards you with coins that you can use to buy plants or unlock garden slots. Boost advantages are also offered every now and then, which will help you take down a zombie easily or speed up the attack of your plants.

Employ Strategic Gameplay

Like all idle games, Merge Plants: Zombie Defense is all about strategic gameplay. Granted, you will make progress regardless of how you play. But, optimizing your decisions on plant arrangement and what to buy when will see you advance through stages of play much faster. For example, you can make easy work of zombies by placing high-level plants on edge slots or waiting to activate boost attacks at the most opportune time. Ultimately, you will need to think through all your moves to advance far in the game.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Merge Plants: Zombie Defense on PC

• Move Plants Around

All zombies have an HP bar that gives you a rough idea of how much more damage they can take before dying. This bar takes a bigger nosedive when hit by a plant in direct line with a zombie or when attacked by multiple plants at the same time. For this reason, it is wise that you keep moving your plants around to ensure that there is always one or more in direct line of the passing zombies. In the game, a plant can be moved to any empty slot even if it is from one edge of the playing field to another. Simply tap and drag a plant through slots to whatever position you want it.

• Merge Similar Plants Immediately

You may think that having a plant on every open slot in the field makes for a powerful attack strategy, but it does not. Power in this game comes from merging two similar plants. Therefore, always make a merge when you have two of the same plants.

It is better to fight with two or three merged plants than to have a bunch of the same ones spread across the field. Moreover, the more you merge, the quicker you get to unlock a new level plant. And, this comes with a generous reward of coins plus a few precious gems.

• Buy Plants Occasionally

You will start Merge Plants: Zombie Defense with only a few open slots on your garden. The rest will be unlocked when you reach a certain number of coins. As a result, you should collect as much currency as possible.

While it is smart to save your coins in order to reach new-slot targets quickly, it is okay to buy the occasional plant. The key is to buy plants sparingly (to avoid using up all your coins) and only if the resultant purchase will boost play. For instance, you can make a couple of purchases when you are low on attacking plants. Alternatively, you can hit the purchase button (situated at the bottom center of the screen) if the plant on offer matches one on your field. Doing so will enable you to make an instant merge and have one more powerful plant on your field.

• Do not Waste your Gems

Finally, it is essential to be frugal with your resources in the game. As the game’s premium currency, gems can buy you bonuses and unlock a slot when you have 10 gems in your possession. Unfortunately, the game only awards 3 gems whenever you unlock a new level plant. So, to get the best value for this precious commodity, hold off until the perfect moment (e.g. when a Fairy Bonus flies by while you are trying to take down a tough zombie boss) before trading in your gems.

How to play

How to play Merge Plants: Zombie Defense on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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About Merge Plants: Zombie Defense:

Like all idle games, gameplay in Merge Plants: Zombie Defense is mostly repetitive. Zombies come in several waves before you finally face off with a boss and then move onto the next stage of play. That said, the action never gets boring thanks to the progressive style of the game. The desire to open the locked slots and the curiosity to find out what the next level plant looks like will keep you playing for hours on end. Game controls are super intuitive, only requiring you to tap and drag to merge plants.

Developer: ONESOFT
Download: Android or iOS

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