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How to play Maze Frontier on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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A pursuit of Eternal Love

The game developers at Magic Seven are back at it again. This time, it is with Maze Frontier – Minesweeper Puzzle game, which will put you right in the middle of a sad yet beautiful plot. The game begins with the passing of a young girl. You will take on the role of a boy who departs to save her soul. The boy finds a way to meet again with the love of his life. This will require finding huge crystals and drawing some special life energy. The boy must go to the ends of the earth in his quest. He persuades the girl’s cold soul to follow him closely on this epic journey. Be part of it by playing Maze Frontier on PC or mobile and experience a touching story in pursuit of eternal love.

Diverse Puzzle Challenges

The journey ahead is full of trials. Fulfilling your quest to reunite two soulmates will mostly revolve around solving puzzles. What’s great about playing Maze Frontier on PC or mobile is that the puzzle games are diverse. From minesweeper and maze escape to Klotski and Sokoban, there are different kinds of challenges to keep you going. The plot unfolds as you play story mode. But, you can play the endless mode instead if you are just in it for the puzzles.

Excellent Music and Animations

The folks at Magic Seven recommend playing Maze Frontier with your headphones on, and with good reason. You will enjoy nice soundtracks playing in the background, which help to set the game’s tone. Whether it is collecting gold, reaching a checkpoint, or stepping a lever, sound effects in the game also reflect corresponding actions quite well. Overall, the gameplay experience is quite immersive thanks to the good combination of a moving plot, great music, and vivid animations.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Maze Frontier – Minesweeper Puzzle Game on PC

• Watch Video Ads
Watching video ads is an easy way to earn free gold coins or double your rewards at the end of a challenge. The short ad clips are a small price to pay for some free resources. However, make sure that your Internet connection is on for this trick to pay off.

• Don’t Step on Traps
Don’t step on mines and other traps. Doing so will deplete the boy’s health. So, the first thing to do is reveal any traps when numbers pop-up on the grid. Press and hold boxes you suspect could be having a trap underneath. If a trap is revealed, it will remain marked. But, if there is nothing to worry about, long press the box again to unmark it.

• Replenish Health
If the boy steps on a trap and gets hurt, collect red hearts to replenish his health. Red hearts pop up randomly during different levels. Keep in mind though that you can only collect a limited number. So, you might want to ignore them if your health points have already maxed out.

• Spare no Switch or Gear
You will encounter many boxes containing a star-shaped switch or gear while playing Maze Frontier on PC. Try as much as possible to step on every special box or push a boulder onto each one you come across. This will reveal more areas on the grid that you can explore, which might contain extra gold, treasure chests, health points, and other resources.


About Maze Frontier - Minesweeper Puzzle:

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