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How to play Mass for the Dead on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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RPG Based on Popular Anime Called Overlord

Based on the popular Japanese Anime known as Overlord, Mass for the Dead is an RPG that reels in players with a premise that is reminiscent of the Jumanji movie. The game takes place over a century into the future when Yggdrasil, a successful MMORPG, is ending after a 12-year run. Before the servers shut down, you are unable to log out of the game and end up trapped in it. As a result, you find yourself in front of the Nazarik Underground Tomb that is now in ruins. Your adventure starts here as you join the powerful skeletal ruler Momonga. Now, you have to crawl through dungeons in a dark otherworldly combat RPG.

Although the Japanese version of Overlord has been out for over a year, Mass for the Dead came out as the English edition for a global audience. The game plot is an adaptation from the Overlord novel by Japanese author Kugane Maruyama. If you are not a big fan of the series, then Mass for the Dead is a great way to discover it for yourself. The best part is that the RPG episodes have subtitled dialogues between the characters, which will allow you to follow the storyline with ease.

Turn-Based Combat RPG

When it comes to gameplay, players engage in 4v4 battles that take place in a turn-based fashion. During each quest, the goal is to defeat your opponents by dealing damage until they have no HP left. Playing the game is easy because of the auto-mode feature. You can also activate the 2x speed mode to plow through dungeons faster.

There are three modes in the game, which include the story, single, and multi-player quests. Keep in mind, though, that you need stamina to play an episode. If not enough is available, then you will have to wait for it to recover before trying to play.

Once you complete quests, you win all kinds of rewards like artifacts, potions, EXP, stamina, gold coins, chaos stones, skill-enhancing materials, etc. The resources from quests will help you upgrade characters and acquire more of them to expand your battle line-up.

Mass for the Dead also features a friendship system whereby you can develop bonds with guardians. Creating bonds with the characters that join your party will unlock new scenarios for a more interesting story. On the other hand, the relationships you build can also unlock special voice lines.

Gacha Summon System

When it comes to building your team of fighters, Mass for the Dead offers a gacha system where you spend various in-game materials to enter a draw. With 10 chaos stones, you can acquire a 3-5 star character. Alternatively, there are several types of summon tickets you can use to add more talent to your battle party. The bronze, gold, and silver tickets guarantee a 3, 4, or 5-star character respectively.

If you get the same character again after rolling the gacha, this will increase the overdrive level for that hero. The maximum cap that this feature can reach is level 5, after which getting the same character again earns you the ‘seven-colored-crystals instead, which can break character limits.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Mass for the Dead on PC

  • Use Your Overdrive Skill

Each character has three bars above their name. The blue one indicates HP whereas the purple bar is the current level for that hero. There is also the orange gauge that you have to recharge by clicking/tapping the ‘charge’ button during combat. Once it fills up, you can use your overdrive skill to unleash massive damage on enemies.

  • Take Your Strongest Heroes to Battle

As mentioned earlier, the characters in Mass for the Dead have a star tier system that gives you an indication of their strength. For instance, a 3-star character will have lower HP, ATK, DEF, and SPD compared to a higher 4-star unit. With that in mind, you want to take your strongest heroes to battle. Preferably, have your battle party comprising of 5-star heroes only once you have a long line up to choose from after summoning multiple characters from the gacha.

  • Claim Login Bonus

Besides the resources you collect after completing quests, you can also get more from the daily login bonus that lasts for 30-days from when you install the game. You can collect gold, chaos stones, chaos relics, potions, and more as the daily login prize. Therefore, make sure to load the game daily to claim this bonus.

  • Check Challenge Objectives Continually

The daily, weekly, rank and limited-time challenges on the missions tab will usually list objectives that you can work on to get a bonus reward. Make sure to check this section constantly and focus on the listed activities to gather more resources for summons and upgrades.

  • Strengthen Your Characters

You can make your characters more powerful in one of two ways. Firstly, you can raise skill levels to gain an edge in battle by gaining EXP. Each quest you complete will drop experience points, but you can also get more of it by consuming gold and skill primer to fast-track character strengthening. At first, you will only be able to strengthen one skill but more will become available for leveling up later on once you limit-break characters.

Secondly, equipping your fighters with chaos relics will boost their stats. What’s more, some of these items grant passive skills. Chaos relics can either come from summons or quest rewards.


About Mass for the Dead:

Mass for the Dead is a turn-based combat RPG that will plunge you into the world of Overlord, a Japanese anime and novel series. Inspired by the author Kugane Maruyama, the game treats players to good storytelling, complete with dialogues, creative art, and 3D dungeon arenas where fierce battles take place. Your task is to win a 4 on 4 battle match where two teams take turns to strike each other. The last party left standing wins. There are tons of episodes to play in the story mode, and you can also delve into the single, multiplayer, and event battles. Between collecting characters, leveling up, training, equipping items, and completing battle missions, team, there is a lot to do in the game.

Developer: Crunchyroll Games
Download: Android or iOS

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