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How to play

How to play Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
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Fun Otome Game

If you are a big fan of otome games, Genius Inc has released yet another intriguing title by the name Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose. It delves into a tale of romance amidst an extinction-level event that threatens all of humanity. But, besides having an engaging plot, how you play this simulation game is what makes it fun.

It is a story-based visual novel. And, like other similar games in this genre, you will have to make choices at various points of the storyline. As you help characters in the game to make decisions, this will affect the turn that the events take.

Available on the Google Play Store, you can enjoy this creation from Genius Inc on the go. Alternatively, play Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose for PC by installing the game using the instructions we have shared above.


Intriguing Synopsis

Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose takes off with an intriguing premise. You start the story working in a shopping complex, with everything looking promising, thanks to a recent promotion. However, things abruptly change for the worst after a man bites one of the customers visiting the mall. The strange incident turns out to be the beginning of a zombie outbreak!

Chaos erupts as the infection spreads. Luckily, you manage to get away from the epicenter of the ensuing pandemic and find yourself in the company of a workmate and a manager who runs one of the competitor stores.

Will you and other survivors be able to escape and get to safety? Can you fall in love when the world as we know it is about to end? Discover answers to these questions and more in this new exciting otome by Genius Inc.


Engaging Audio-Visual Effects

Whether you choose to play Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose for PC or the default mobile version, the audio-visual effects look great on any device. Since this is a visual novel, you’ll have the story in the form of a slide-show with captions. Music playing in the backdrop, beautifully drawn graphics, and subtitles breathe life into the scenes. So, you can comfortably sit back, read along, and enjoy the drama as it unfolds.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Mall of the Dead Romance You Choose on PC

  • Buy Premium Choices

Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose is a free-to-play (F2P) game. However, you can buy premium choices with coins. Doing so unlocks exclusive options at decision checkpoints, which allows you to experience a much more entertaining storyline compared to playing the ‘free-for-all’ version of the game.

  • Watch Ads

By watching video ads, you can earn the in-game coins required to purchase premium choices. All you have to do is click the video icon at the bottom of your screen. In effect, a short video advertisement will playback. Although watching ads for coins can take a bit of your playtime, you get free in-game currency without having to spend real money.

  • Play with the Sound Turned On

Another tip that will enhance your experience with Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose is to read the otome with your sound turned on. All of the scenes have music playing in the background along with sound-triggered events that set the mood for what follows. Therefore, listening as you read along will help you to enjoy the story even more as it unfolds.

  • Replay Differently

The beauty of otome games or visual novels is that you can influence the story with your choices. Well, Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose is no different. Therefore, feel free to replay the scenes and experiment whether making other choices will lead to a different ending.


About Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose:

Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose is part of a growing genre of otome or visual novel games that offer a choice-based outcome style of play. You get to make some decisions on behalf of the characters at various points of the story. As a result, the ending depends on your choices. The story in this particular otome is quite intriguing. It’s a tale that will put you on a survival path after a zombie outbreak. The plot is full of suspense, adventure, and even some romance. Find out what happens in Mall of the Dead: Romance You Choose by downloading the game now!

Developer: Genius Inc
Download: Android or iOS

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