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How to play

How to play Magic: ManaStrike on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Magic: ManaStrike Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Magic: ManaStrike on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Short PvP Battles

Magic: Mana Strike for PC and mobile is a real-time strategy (RTS) game based on Magic the Gathering. In this creation from Netmarble, you will compete against real players around the world in short 3-minute battles. As two teams clash on a magical battlefield, a race is on because the side that wins has to destroy the most guardians before time runs out.

When the clock hits the 2-minute mark, the ManaStrike phase begins. In this segment of the battle, there is a 60-second window when summoning currency refills at a faster speed. As a result, the last minute of battle allows you to deploy units much more quickly. You also receive an additional card to invoke your most prized fighter during this period. Therefore, epic comebacks or decisive crushing can happen when its ManaStrike time.

By destroying the chief guardian for the opposing side, you will earn the victory. And, if no team meets the minimum requirement for winning after a 3-minute bout, the game adds an extra 60-seconds so that there can be a decisive winner.


Card Summoning System

You can install Magic: ManaStrike for PC or the default mobile version, depending on your preference. Either way, the card summoning system is simple to learn and remains the same regardless of the device in use.

When a match begins, both players receive a deck of cards at the bottom of the screen. You summon your battle units by dragging them onto the battlefield.

There are different kinds of cards to play in Magic: ManaStrike, which summon different fighting units that inflict damage on guardians. However, your entire deck will revolve around your chosen Planeswalker, a powerful mage aligned to one of the five mana colors in the world of Magic the Gathering. Once your main hero is in play, you can play his/her skill cards as well.

Besides Planeswalkers, there are creature cards that you can play too. These act as support units. Other cards cast spells that unleash some magical effect within a limited radius.


Victory Equals Rewards 

Trying to win every battle in Magic: ManaStrike is essential because that’s how you get the resources to grow stronger in the game. For every match you win, your rank goes up, which in turn, levels up your guardians and Planeswalkers. In addition, battle rewards come in the form of ManaStrike packs, which contain gems, gold, upgrade cards, and many other items.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Magic: ManaStrike On PC

  • Complete the Tutorial & Practice in Training Mode

If you have just started playing Magic: ManaStrike, make sure to complete the tutorial. What’s more, the startup guide gives players a fun introduction to the game, because your trainer is a demon, who has quite some personality. More importantly, the tutorial explains all the basics with illustrations, voiceovers, and text tips.

Additionally, take time to hone your skills in the training mode as well. Practicing against AI bots is a great way to try out newly created decks and discover how different cards work together.

  • Consider Mana Rating When Constructing Decks

Apart from Planeswalkers, all other cards cost mana to play. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on average mana ratings when constructing your decks. You will see the cost of deployment on the top corner of each card’s portrait.

Although cards with high-mana costs are powerful, try to avoid building decks based purely on them. That is because you might be unable to play such cards quickly when mana is regenerating. As a result, the delay to play your high mana cost cards can spell disaster during battle. With that in mind, try to balance your decks with both low and high-cost cards.

  • Go for Extra Rewards

Besides playing ordinary battles, keep an eye out for events, which unlock after you reach rank three. In this mode, you get a chance to win more cards and additional loot. The offer to take part in events is limited, so make sure to grab your opportunity while it lasts.

  • Level Up Cards

Another essential tip to remember in this game is that you have to level up your cards. There are two ways to do this; 1) by acquiring duplicate copies of the same card and 2) leveling up with gold. Once you level up the cards, their respective HP and ATK points increase, thereby making your battle units stronger.


About Magic: ManaStrike:

Players compete in real-time in short 3-minute battles by summoning all kinds of magical units. Magic: Mana Strike is a fun real-time strategy card game based on Magic the Gathering. You will be able to summon heroes, cast spells, and command loyal creatures in battle with simple tap/click and drag/drop mechanics. Winning largely depends on your battle strategy. You can create endless tactics because the game has so many card combinations. There are various modes to play as well, including normal PvP battles, Events, and ranked matches in the Magic Pass.

Developer: Netmarble
Download: Android or iOS

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