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How to play

How to play Love Live All Stars on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Fun Rhythm Game

When KLab released Love Live School Idol Festival, this rhythm game became a smash hit. The sequel is now out, and the best part is that it comes with even better features. It’s titled Love Live All Stars. You can download it on both the app store and Google Play. For those who want to play Love Live! All Stars on PC, follow the installation instructions at the beginning of this post.

Without further ado, here is what you can expect from this game. You take the role of a student at Nijigasaki High School. One day while strolling around the city, you stumble upon a music show in which the Aquors and μ’s perform on the same stage. From there on, you decide to bring all these school idols together with members from Nijigasaki High School Club as a talent manager. As a result, your task will be to help these talented school idols reach their full potential.

Unlike in the previous game that had static images and a stage in the backdrop, this time, Love Live! All Stars will feature full 3D shows. Therefore, you will see the idols dancing on stage as they sing. All you have to do is tap along with the rhythm of the song and hit all the notes as the girls perform.

Now, rhythm and timing your taps are both essential in this game. During a performance, stamina decreases as you tap on the screen to hit your notes. You also consume a bit of it to jump into a show.

Keep in mind, though, that there is a lot more to the game other than performing songs. You can learn more about that in the upcoming sections of this post, so read on.


Lots of School Idols to Recruit

Before you can begin to play this game, the first step is to recruit some talent. You will have a chance to scout for girls by rolling the gacha. Once you have a complete team, you can start to perform songs.

A good strategy is to use the auto formation function and set up the best line-up of girls to take the stage. Previous, players could only perform with two groups of school idols. First, you had the μ’s, which are the original set. On the other hand, your singers could also comprise of the Aqours who attend Uranohoshi Girls’ High School by the ocean. Now, Love Live! All Stars for PC and mobile expands your talent pool with members from the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.


Create Bonds with RPG Gameplay

Besides performing songs, there is a story mode with lots of chapters as well. Therefore, you will be able to interact more with the girls and what they are up to. The more you complete performance shows with the girls, you build up bonds, which opens up more of their stories/voice dialogues. It’s also possible to customize your idols with costumes. What’s more, max bond levels increase when you obtain a new variation of the same school idol.


Tips & Tricks for Playing Love Live! All Stars on PC

  • Level Up Your Idols

You can level up your idols using materials that drop from daily resource grinding, such as gold and XP points. When you upgrade any of the girls, this will increase attributes like appeal, stamina, and technique.

  • Claim Your Rewards

Some goals have deadlines, so make sure to accomplish them and claim your bonus rewards before time runs out. For instance, there is a daily login bonus that resets every day. It challenges you to accomplish a specific objective, such as training or performing a certain number of times. Consequently, you may want to start on these goals first. Once you accomplish the goal, you can collect rewards like gold, star gems, skip tickets, insight pins, etc. Additionally, you can do the same with weekly goals.

  • Meet the Minimum Performance Requirements

You have to meet the suggested show power and stamina before you perform a particular song. It will be next to impossible to complete the song if your current stats are below the specified requirements.

  • Use Skip Tickets

If you fail, you don’t have to play again. Just use the skip tickets. Doing so will not allow you to use abilities and insight skills for guest idols, but you will still be able to collect the reward materials for that stage.


About Love Live! All Stars:

Love Live! All Stars is yet another release from gaming publisher KLab as part of a series of anime-style rhythm games. You scout for talented female singers and help to propel them to stardom. This time, the game has full 3D performances of the idols performing, singing, and dancing. You will be able to form bonds with them, unlock new stories, and customize their looks with cute outfits. Overall, it is an excellent game if you are into idol collecting or love music. The tunes/soundtracks are fantastic too. So, you are definitely going to be bobbing your head and enjoying yourself in this game.

Developer: KLab
Download: Android or iOS

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