Lost Lands 7 for PC: Read Gameplay Review & Steps to Install

A Story of Redemption

Lost Lands 7 is part of a series of games developed by FIVE-BN that merge storytelling with puzzle solving to give players both a mentally challenging and entertaining experience. In this particular release, subtitled Redemption, the plot is about Susan the Warmaiden. After an ancient evil deity awakes, she embarks on a quest to maintain order in the Lost Lands. Although this realm is home to elves and gnomes, evil creatures roam everywhere. Susan fills the hero role by fighting and defeating evil.

However, she decides to go back home after some dangerous relic lands on Earth. Due to the time difference between reality and the Lost Lands, she realizes that her absence has been much longer than anticipated. Her son, Jim, is angry with his mother and goes against her will by engaging in the same dangerous adventures that kept Susan away.

So, will mother and child make amends in the wake of a disaster? Explore Lost Lands 7 on your PC to experience this wondrous tale told through beautiful animation and stunning scenes.

Hidden Object Adventure Game

Lost Lands 7, just like other releases from this series, belongs to the hidden object adventure genre of games. Playing it will test your observation skills and intelligence, so wear your detective hat and be prepared for a brain challenge.

Each mission puts you in a scenario where you have to solve puzzles. The challenge is usually towards achieving a particular goal such as opening a door, escaping from a cave, finding an item, regenerating an image from fragments, and so forth.

If you are looking for a brain challenge, the mini-games in Lost Lands 7 will offer that and much more. The puzzles provide you with just enough to work with as you explore surroundings that are full of interactive elements.

Cinematic Experience

Lost Lands 7 treats players to an amazingly stunning world through cinematic features that bring this fantasy world to life. The game graphics are not only top-notch but also offer very realistic simulations. Your adventures will take you between Earth and enchanting places of the Lost Lands such as the Frozen Mountains, Floating Island, Shrines, and Dungeon, to name just a few.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Lost Lands 7 on PC

• Know Your Mission

At the start of each quest, you will view and listen to a cut scene. The dialogues between characters not only provide some story context but also describe your goal.

What’s more, you will see a picture and note of your mission objective pop-up at the bottom left corner of the screen. Make sure to pay close attention to these cues because they will help you discern what to focus on when you embark on a new quest.

• Read Onscreen Instructions

Often, the main character speaks out loud, or instructions appear on the screen midway through a quest. These small prompts can be helpful, so don’t ignore them. They provide hints to solving a particular puzzle or information about how to carry out your mission.

• Move Objects Around

In puzzles that require you to find hidden items in a heap of other objects, don’t expect the answers to be lying in plain sight. More often than not, what you seek lies hidden behind something else. Therefore, moving things around is usually necessary to reveal objects being obstructed from view by others.

• Ask for Hints

When stuck, you can ask for clues by clicking on the green button on the bottom right corner of your screen. You will need to spend one coin to get a hint. Keep in mind, though, that you have a limited number of coins. So, use them wisely by requesting clues when you really need them most.

How to play

How to play Lost Lands 7 on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Lost Lands 7 Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Lost Lands 7 on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Lost Lands 7: Redemption:

As the title suggests, Lost Lands 7: Redemption is the seventh installment of the epic hidden object adventure series developed by FIVE-BN GAMES. The story this time is about Susan the Warmaiden, who returns to Earth searching for a dangerous artifact, only to find a disappointed son who has not seen his mother for the last 8-months. Besides the captivating game plot that comes replete with cinematic scenes, the actual gameplay is just as enjoyable. You will be solving all kinds of puzzles in small mini-games. Find hidden spots, collect manuscripts containing ancient knowledge, and uncover so much more. The game requires you to use your wits and mind to solve the mysteries. Will you recover the magic artifact and defeat the vengeful ancient deity? Find out by playing Lost Lands on your PC. Download & install using the steps shared in this guide.

Developer: FIVE-BN GAMES
Download: Android or iOS

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