Lost in Blue for PC – Download & Install on Mac or Windows

Lost in the Middle of Nowhere

Lost in Blue is a thrilling adventure game that will test your survival skills. The story begins with you in a plane crash accident, and you have just woken up to find yourself stranded on an island. You are the only survivor of this tragedy. Scouting around, you will encounter mutants who try to attack and infect you. However, you have to defend yourself from their attack. When it seems you are overwhelmed, Jane, with her shotgun, comes to your rescue.

Jane welcomes you to her temporary campsite. She will teach and guide you on how to live and survive this harsh environment. Further on in the game, Jane asks for your assistance to bring Claire, her daughter, back home from the forest. She went to gather treasure and has not returned yet.

The story keeps unfolding as you play the game. You will meet other survivors and keeping discovering the mysteries of this vast treacherous island.

Explore & Survive

Lost in Blue has a few regions, and Jane will give you a map to help you navigate the island. From the Beach and Forest to the Swamp, Shoal, and Glacier, the terrain of this vast fantasy is diverse. Each place is unique, and you will need special gear and clothing to brave the climatic conditions.

In the game menu, there is a crafting feature, which unlocks as you play the tutorial. It will help you make clothes, weapons, and other equipment that you will require for survival.

You have to gather the materials needed to make each item, all of which give you a buff. For instance, survival shorts made from crocodile skin and rattan increase your defense. Shoes, which only require some grass, boost your movement speed. With a simple coat made from rattan, you can raise HP to the maximum.

Besides these, there are other clothing you will craft to help you endure the weather condition like boots, helmets, pants, and scarves. All the protective clothing item comes with a survival benefit.

Weapons include items made from stone like hammers, axes, prickles, wooden sticks, arrows, bows, items made from copper, and troches. Some will just be lying around waiting for you to pick up like chainsaws and guns.

Each tool and weapon has a specific function. Additionally, you have to build yourself a shelter to retreat to at night and keep your valuables and resources. A backpack is necessary to store all the things you have collected. And, when heading out, you can keep the surplus in a crate in your base to empty the bag.

Easy Game Settings & Progress Rewards

You can make changes to the Lost in Blue game in the settings. Here, you can choose your preferred language, control image quality, volume, music, and sound. Also, the notification icon is accessible here. Under the notification menu, you can put a “do not disturb” signal, receive alters when the invasion is about to happen or when a group event is starting. Managing the auto feature is done in the game’s setting. When on, you can automatically make collections, attacks, loot corpses, and use consumables.

Daily logging in will give you goodies. When you claim, they get sent to the mailbox, where you can retrieve them. Also, daily supplies get sent here.

Furthermore, you can buy anti-fatigue buffs, potions, weapons, and gear packs. At the in-game shop, you use crystal gems to make purchases like assault rifle and shotgun deals. Each package will cost you a different amount of gems. You will get gems by finishing missions or buying them with real money from the crystal shop. The same goes for island coins, which you receive from quests or buy from the great value packs with cash.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Lost in Blue on PC

• Finish Tasks

Complete your quests in the Lost in Blue game to claim the goodies on offer. There are many tasks to finish, and each one comes with various rewards. For instance, you get gold coins and EXP when you fight off and defeat mutants. Besides the two mentioned items, there are other items to gain from doing all your quests.

• Collect Resources

There are many resources to collect. You can gather them when fighting the mutants or scouting your surroundings. Each resource has a purpose. For example, the grass makes your rattan backpack and footwear. With wood and stones, you can craft weapons. Moreover, animal hide makes your protective clothing.

• Eat to Keep Strength

Along the way, in your Lost in Blue adventure, you will come across all kinds of food. Collect them and keep them in your backpack and chest. You will need the food to keep up your strength. Also, it boosts your overall general health.

Coconuts and bananas are some of the fruits you will find on the island. They both restore fullness and hydration. Crabmeat is another option for sustenance.

Tending to your wounds also keeps you healthy. Herbs rubbed on cuts and bruises will heal you quickly. To restore HP immediately, use a portion made of fresh catfish.

• Make Upgrades

Another feature in this game is upgrading clothes and gear. When improved, clothing becomes more protective and durable. On the other hand, enhanced tools will be stronger and better, allowing you to slay mutants with ease and earn more combat talent points. Besides upgrading, you can modify your weapons to receive a boost in combat attributes.

How to play

How to play Lost in Blue on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Lost in Blue Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Lost in Blue on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Lost in Blue:

Lost in Blue is a survival adventure game that will take you on a journey of discovery. At the start, you survive a plane crash only to wake up on a diserted island filled with treachery everywhere you turn. Some wired virus has turned other survivors into vicious and savage mutants. You will be fighting them off and wildlife that calls the island home to avoid been infected or killed. There are many quests to do as you survive in this fantasy world. Build a shelter, gather supplies, forage for food, then craft protective clothes and weapons from the resources you collect. The island provides everything you need for survival, including potions and herbs to heal your wounds. You will make friends along the way with other players and use your wits to survive in these harsh climatic conditions. Many features will unlock as you progress. Start your adventure by installing Lost in Blue on your PC using the installation steps shared in this post.

Developer: Volcano Force / VolcanoGames
Download: Android or iOS

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