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How to play Lokapala on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Download, Install and Play Lokapala on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

First Esport MOBA from Indonesia

Lokapala is now available on Google Play for those who have been waiting for this multi-player battle arena from Indonesian-based publisher Anatarupa Studios. Besides being highly anticipated by fans in the country, this game has received a good reception from players all around the world. After all, Lokapala earned the title of being the first MOBA from Indonesia to enter the 2020 Esport Presidential Cup. If you don’t feel like limiting yourself to a tiny screen, then use an emulator instead to play Lokapala on PC.


Indeed, there are many MOBA games out there. So, what makes Lokapala different? Well, this game stands out because it is inspired by Indonesian mythology, history, and culture. As a result, the heroes (Ksatriya) that you will control in battle have engaging combat styles based on rich lore.


5v5 Real-Time Team Battles

When it comes to the gameplay action, Lokapala offers what you would expect from a typical MOBA. In this particular version, battles between two teams with five players each take place in the arena. Both sides advance to the opposing end with the aim of destroying the enemy base. Along the way, they have to fight on lanes against players from the other side. There are also enemy towers, minions, and jungle creeps to battle.


Diverse Character Roster

Just like in other MOBA games, Lokapala offers different types of heroes. As of this writing, the game has six knights, namely the Marksman, Tank, Assassin, Fighter, Mage, and Support. Each one boasts a unique combat style. So, you can choose to play different roles to support your comrades in battle.


You can equip every Ksatriya with at least one weapon. Depending on your selection, you could go into battle with a sword, dagger, sickle, ax, archery gear, and so much more. You will also have three mantras (spells) and special skills each at your disposal, which have a cool-down function that activates after every use. What’s more, some of the knights can use the mounting system to accelerate movement.


Tips & Tricks for Playing Lokapala on PC

  • Retreat When Necessary

As you play Lokapala, it is essential to track your health. You can do this by keeping an eye on the green bar above your character’s avatar. It reduces as you take damage. When you notice your HP dropping fast, you can regenerate it by retreating. Therefore, use this approach to avoid being slain. It is also the best way to keep the opposing side from scoring a point.

  • Don’t Spare the Jungle Creeps

The jungles in Lokapala are home to creepy creatures. They don’t attack you unless approached. However, if you slay a jungle creep, this will increase your damage permanently. Consequently, ensure to destroy these creatures when you want to cause more harm to enemy units.

  • Be a Team Player

As mentioned earlier, you can choose different character sub-groups when playing Lokapala on PC or mobile. Each knight brings something unique to the table. However, winning the game requires collaboration between the various character roles. With that in mind, make sure to support your allies because that will increase the odds of grabbing the victory.

  • Avoid Tower Damage

Lastly, keep in mind that both sides in this game have towers. These structures fire bursts of energy automatically as a defense mechanism. Therefore, a smart strategy is to let your minions lead the way so that they can attract tower damage. In turn, your hero will get more opportunities to attack the towers.


About Lokapala:

Lokapala is a MOBA game in which you get to compete against players from all over the world. Lead your team to victory in 5v5 showdowns by showcasing exemplary battle skills and teamwork. To come out on top, one must slay the competition, bring down defense towers, and ultimately destroy the enemy base. There are lots of character types to choose from, each one based on rich lore that’s reflective of Indonesian culture, history, and mythology. What’s more, all your heroes have the ability to cast spells and fight in a unique way. Overall, Lokapala is a fantastic choice for those who are into competitive and strategically challenging MOBA games.

Developer: Anantarupa Studios
Download: Android or iOS

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