Little Krishna On Your Windows PC / Mac Download And Install (Trailer)

Download and Play “Little Krishna” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Meet Krishna

Little Krishna is an exceptional runner game that is based on Indian characters that all open-minded game players are going to enjoy. In comparison to its predecessor, Krishna Run, this game has taken the excitement to a whole new level. As a player, you are required to assume the main role of Little Krishna, who is considered the darling of Vrindavan.

Run As Fast As You Can

Little Krishna is bent on getting as far away from angry Chandrika as he can. This is because Chandrika caught him stealing her Makhan. As such, Krishna has to run for his life. This introduces an amazing and exciting action to the game. It will keep you as a player and motivated enough to get to the finish line. Being on the run as Little Krishna sounds like a challenging task, isn’t it? Yes, it is! Download Little Krishna for PC to enjoy more of the game.

Power through the Challenges

Vrindavan has a lot of exciting challenges to offer. As you run, you are required to go through all obstacles that the game throws your way. The best playing aspect is that you will have fun getting ahead. You should do all you can to avoid raging bulls, hot lava streams and angry elephants that may slow you down. As you run, you are required to collect as many coins as you can. There are also lots of amazing power-ups that will help you mischievously escape. It is easy, fun and exciting to play this game in the comfort of your mobile phone or Download Little Krishna for PC.

Play and Win

The game’s instructions are simple; you simply have to conquer the challenges for you to get ahead. All you have to do is dodge, jump and slide through obstacles. As you do, it is easy to collect coins, gather rewards and unlock characters. You can also compete against your friends and find out who is a better player.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Little Krishna

Unlike other runner games, Little Krishna requires speed, focus, and agility in order to cross the finish line. To better your gameplay, use these tips and tricks:

• As you run, collect all the coins on the way. Do not skip or leave any coins behind. This will add to your final score and help to upgrade your character in ways that you deem necessary.

• Apart from coins, also collect the reassure chests and all other rewards that you may come across on the path as you run.

• Always be fast and to ensure that Chandrika does not catch up with you. If you slow down, you risk getting caught. Remember, as much as you are fast on your feet, always be careful, otherwise, you may stumble and fall.

• Level up as much as you can. This will give your character special abilities that will help him to conquer the obstacles with more ease.

• When you have the opportunity for a head start or a mega head start, take it! Getting ahead of Chandrika is exactly how to win the game.

About Little Krishna:

Developer: Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd
Download: Android and iOS