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How to play

How to play LINE HELLO BT21 on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

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  • Install LINE HELLO BT21 Apk from the Store.
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Pop Bubbles to Save the World

From the renowned game publisher LINE Corporation comes yet another adorable game known as LINE HELLO BT21. Available on both the Apple and Google apps stores, mobile users can play this fun game on the go. And, experiencing LINE HELLO BT21 for PC is also possible using our three simple installation steps outlined above.

Like other games in the line bubble game series, BT21 features similar gameplay. First, you will be popping bubbles to solve puzzles. On the other hand, there is an adventure to follow, which challenges you to achieve specific goals.

In BT21, Tata (the main character), along with Van, the robot, travel from outer space to earth with the noble intention of spreading some love. However, things take a turn for the worst when Tata loses his transformation laser gun in the grass.  To rectify this terrible mistake, Tata enlists the help of Van and other BT21 members who all go after the ferocious fluffy creatures to undo their destruction on the city.

Clear Stages to Advance Game

The basic gameplay in LINE HELLO BT21 involves bursting bubbles by matching 3 or more bubbles with the same character. However, unlike other match-3 puzzles where you have to tap a set of similar pieces, this game has you throwing bubbles onto the playing board. Instead of tiles, you will work with bubble pieces. These bubbles feature the faces of the game’s characters with every turn of throw representing a different character.  To make a match, you must land your throw bubble next to 2 or more similar looking bubbles on the board. Exploding bombs, in turn, requires you to toss your throw bubble onto the one with the explosive.

With this setup, you have to stop and contemplate where the throw bubbles will land to make a match. But, you have to think fast or else suffer the negative impact of the atrocious dandelion puzzle pieces. And, the worst part is that they swallow bubbles at every turn, making it diff icult to complete levels.

The various stages come with a specific mission to accomplish. Objectives can include tasks like collecting a given number of similarly shaped bubbles, breaking boxes, and so on. Clearing these missions is how you advance the game’s storyline. What’s more, the game presents you with a tab for TOWN and another for NEXT after every round of successful play. At this point, you can choose whether to solve more puzzles or have a bit of fun decorating the town. Choosing the latter option will require you to use the stars earned in the primary portion of gameplay.

Unveil Adorable Characters at every turn

One of the fun parts in this game is when you get to meet all the cute galactic friends of Tata. There are seven characters in total, namely Van, Cooky, Koya, RJ, Shooky, Chimmy, Mang. Each one has unique traits. RJ, for instance, loves eating while Chimmy has a loveable goofy nature. Cooky retains energy for days, unlike Koya the lazybones, who you will find always napping. The game has a bit of a story element to it that shapes the characters’ personalities. As a result, you will get the chance to enjoy the uniqueness of all the universtars

Cute as they may be, all the characters have a distinct skill. For example, Tata turns his laser gun onto the puzzle board, popping several bubbles at once. You will learn about all the skills during gameplay, but first, you need to acquire these adorable characters. You can collect them all dressed up in charming costumes during play or run into them prancing around town. In addition, there is also the bonus option of answering quizzes to get original photos of the BT21 universtars.

 Tips and Tricks for Playing LINE HELLO BT21 on PC

  • Log in Daily for Rewards

An effortless way to gain rewards in this game is to log in daily. From 300 coins on the first day and 500 coins on the fifth to a rocket on the third day and a bomb on day six, the daily login prizes are not only generous but also help further your quest in the game.

  • Finish Play Fast

As is the norm with match puzzle games, LINE HELLO BT21 gives you a fixed number of moves (throws in this case) to complete the mission at hand. Therefore, try to accomplish the given task as fast as possible. Aside from preventing the dandelion from causing damage, finishing levels quickly leaves you with leftover moves. Any remaining play chances convert into coins, which you can use to trades in the game.

  • Set out to Create Boosters

With the dandelions hot on your tail and the increasing diff iculty as you advance further in the game, you will need all the boosters you can get. However, the good news is that they are easy to make.  Just match more than three bubbles, and you will get either a firecracker, rocket, TNT, or bomb, depending on the number of popped bubbles.

Another reason for creating as many explosive boosters as you can is that it fills up a rainbow ball gauge. When the colorful bar goes full circle, the ball pops all bubbles of one character. The best advantage, though, is that explosive boosters stunt dandelions, rendering them motionless for a while. In effect, this buys you a few seconds to continue playing undisturbed.



LINE HELLO BT21 stands out because of the game characters. They are cute, ready to help when required and even talk with each other. You will have a blast joining them in their quest to re-build their little world.
The gameplay itself is not bad either. Thanks to the unique design, LINE HELLO BT21 is a tad more tricky to play than your average match-3 puzzle game. As a result, you will not get bored of playing. You might find yourself addicted while trying hard to complete missions. The decorating portion of gameplay, in turn, is diverse and quite detailed, presenting you with several choices in every round. Overall, this is an entertaining puzzle game packed with lots of funny moments.

Developer: LINE Corporation
Download: Android or iOS

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