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How to play LifeAfter on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Re-start Humanity in the LifeAfter

Although there are tons of zombie post-apocalypse games these days everywhere you turn, LifeAfter offers something different. And, quite frankly, it is fun as well as adventurous. The storyline of this game from Korean-based developer, X.D. Global, is like any other of its kind. A virus sweeps through the world leaving the walking dead in its wake. You play a human survivor who now has to find a way to survive in a world full of zombies. But, there is more. The objective of the game is not to go around hunting and hacking zombies. The game focuses more on re-building civilization after the apocalyptic event. This opens up the game to a whole range of possibilities that you will enjoy every step of the way.

Plenty of Action All-round

The best part of LifeAfter is that there is plenty to do in the game. When you are not fighting off zombies, you will be trying to forge a place for yourself in the new world order. This will mostly involve exploring the open world in search of resources. You will walk into forests to chop down trees for building your shelter, mine for rock on cliff sides, and scurry through abandoned buildings in search of food and other resources. Often times, you will also have to defend yourself (and home) from wildlife. You also need to worry about harsh weather and even other survivors trying to steal your hard-earned resources.

Beyond fighting for your life, and gathering resources, the gameplay also includes cooking, customizing the look of your player, participating in quests to earn extra resources, and a whole lot more.

Everything unfolds seamlessly in the game. First off, you find yourself in the back of pickup engaged in a fierce gunfight against some freakishly fast undead. The vehicle crashes and a terrifying chase ensues, with you on foot and zombies in hot pursuit. From there, plenty of events unfold. You will run into a fellow survivor who passes on some survival skills, find an adorable dog companion, encounter a giant mutated creature, and so much more.

Adventure in the LifeAfter goes on until you and a small group of other human survivors are eventually rescued and brought to Hope 101. That is where everyone goes to set up camp in the Development Zone. Everyone gets a small plot there to build a home, store your resources, and even engage in a little bit of farming.

A Comprehensive Tutorial Gets You Started

In LifeAfter, you will be able to jump right in and start your survival adventure. In LifeAfter, you will be able to jump right in and start your survival adventure. This is thanks to a detailed tutorial. It teaches all aspects of play, including basics like combat, and how to gather resources. The tutorial also has a wealth of information on how to go about crafting. That’s how you will learn to make tools, weapons, ammo, defensive structures, bandages etc. Some sections even gives you a few pointers on how to stay out of trouble.

Tips & Tricks for Playing LifeAfter on PC

  • Stock Up on Weapons ASAP

You never know when you are going to come across a zombie in LifeAfter. So your first goal in the game should be to arm yourself with a survival kit. Start collecting guns, ammo, and melee weapons right off the bat. You will also need bandages for when you get wounded in combat.

  • Fortify your Home

While the shelter you build will provide a safe haven to rest in after a hard day of scavenging, it also puts a big bull’s eye target on you. The infected zombies tend to come out at night and can attack your home. Therefore, it is crucial that you put up defenses around your homestead. The game offers both functional and aesthetic improvement options during the home-building part. Go for the functional tools first. Aesthetics can wait until you have managed to turn your home into an impenetrable fortress. Also, set up a nice high snipping spot that allows you to shoot down your attackers before they even get to your home.

  • Play Nice

In the LifeAfter, you can choose to play as a lone wolf or make friends. The latter option is better since comrades are good to have in this dangerous world. They can come and help you defend your home when it is under attack or even accompany you during scavenging trips.

  • Always Recover your Backpack after Death

Whenever you die in the game (and this happens a lot), you will lose your backpack and everything in it. Luckily, you can always reclaim the goodies by going back to the site of death, which is represented by a backpack icon on the game’s minimap. Make this your priority every time you re-spawn.


About LifeAfter:

A survival theme game where you get to slay zombies and engage in all manner of activities - what’s not to love in the LifeAfter? The scenery is spectacular, featuring everything from lush green stretches of land to snow-capped forest cover to the abandoned countryside with the hilly background. The terrain unveils itself beautifully, all in sharp life-like detail. To top it up, the game gives you free rein to customize not just the user interface but also the character you control. The combat aspect though is not the best. Hacking a zombie feels like cutting paper with scissors while shooting the undead does not yield much of a reaction. This, however, is not a big deal unless you are into bloody and gory games. Overall, the combination of tension, action-packed adventure, and customization options tramps most similar zombie apocalypse games, which makes the LifeAfter worth checking out.

Developer: X.D. Global
Download:  Android or iOS

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