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The Hero of the Kingdom

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory is a collectible card player verse player and PVE role-playing game. Chosen as the savior of the kingdom of Gaia, you embark on a journey to assist the people in stopping the invasion of the evil forces and the black dragon. You will do all this while capturing back the territory and putting an end to the evil, and also taking the castle back. Ultimately, peace must prevail in the region.

Along the way, you will have a team of heroes and save others who will assist your cause and get you closer to the desired goal and eventually victory. The gameplay is easy, free to play, and the battles take place in 3D real-time. You can have the best experience playing Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory on your power gaming PC. The installation process is easy, as described in this post.

Allies in Battle

The game of Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory has four main squads to choose from, namely, Humans, Hell, Forest, and Orc. You have to collect frags of the heroes and eventually be able to acquire the entire figure.

Each hero comes with their own set of skills. For example, Swordsman can cast and take damage at the same time. He should also take a position in the front row. While Marksman has ranged firepower that fares well in the back, the War Halberdier is a mighty tank that you can deploy in the front-row position. On the other hand, Griffin Rider belongs in the assault squad, which can restrain enemy magic squads and fits in the frontline without any obstacles. Besides these units, there are many other heroes you will come across in the game.

Additionally, players collect artifacts that assist the heroes in battle. They include Cornucopia, Frost Heart, Might Staff, Light Book, and Roar Hammer. Each one has a unique use. For instance, Heart Frost summons a blizzard that lasts for 3-seconds and causes significant magical damage to the enemy units in the area of effect and slows them down for 2-seconds.

Note that artifacts of a collected artifact set must be activated first to use the artifact. With that in mind, you should use the heroes and the artifacts together to fight the enemy in the desired formation to get victory over foes.

Awesome Game Features

Daily login to Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory game will earn you free rewards. Keep in mind that you should rapidly tap the screen before time runs out to collect your loot. To gain battle coins, you have to attack monsters and later exchange them for squad weapons in the weapon store.

When you complete missions in the game, there are many rewards to collect. They consist of crystals, diamonds, grain, wood, sage’s stone, light consul, battle coins, and last but not least, hero frags. The primary mission is the chapter quests, which provide numerous activities to accomplish to gain gifts.

On the other hand, you will unlock several resource structures within the storyline of the game. A few of them include a Sawmill, farm, and the gold mine. All these assets produce resources that come in handy while playing Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory.

The game offers several optional real money package deals as well. For example, first recharge: lets you recharge with any amount to three days of luxury rewards (Twin sister great, AOE damage dealer, and level 20 rank green +1). Also, you can buy characters, helmets, VIP status, and gold coins. Another example is super value packs. You can also acquire Athena, light consul, incubus, and light book at 85% maximum.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory on PC

• Make Upgrades

In Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory, some upgrades are critical if you want to move further in the game successfully. To begin with, level up all the artifacts and main buildings to increase your combat power and prosperity. Also, materials can be ranked up using the raid feature in the game. Keep in mind that you can hasten the process by purchasing the `speed upgrade’ packages. As a result, your upgrade will complete within a short duration, thus saving on time. However, the upgrades will cost you coins and wood (in-game currencies).

• Join a Guild

Like every other RPG, joining a guild comes with its advantages in Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory. Some rewards and challenges become available exclusively for players who choose to team up. You will meet players from all over the globe. So make sure to have fun together battling the enemy to gain multiple rewards and make your group the strongest. The first time to join a guild will also earn you 500 diamonds.

• Explore Dudgeons

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory has a dudgeon adventure you should pursue. Fight the evil monsters, dudgeon bosses or experience the mini-maze puzzles, and answer quizzes to unearth the truth. Challenge yourself to become the strongest lord in the area. You will, of course, get to win numerous rewards in the process.

• Save the Fallen

When playing Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory, you will come across quite a few fallen characters. They have been deceived by the evil forces to act against the kingdom of Gaia. As the chosen one, they will ask for your help to rescue them, and as a result, you will gain more allies and rewards. For instance, saving Succubus will reward you with a treasure chest and a partner in Dragon Knight (who breaks free from the spell that Succubus had cast on him).

How to play

How to play Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory is a free to play role-playing TCG developed by Funboom for both iOS and Android devices. The story is about the kingdom of Gaia that has been invaded by the black dragon and evil forces. As a result, you have been chosen to fight the enemies and captures back the castle and the entire territory. Allies are present to assist you in four different squads together with their weapons and artifacts to wage war and win the battle. Along the way, you will save characters, secure the castle, build buildings, explore dungeons, and finish chapter quests to gain victory over the foes. There are rewards to be won, a guild to join, and a fantastic PVP and PVE battles to fight. The game has lovely 3D features.

Developer: Funboom Games
Download: Android or iOS

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