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How to play Legion Master : Idle RTS on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Tactical Wave Defense Game

Legion Master : Idle RTS is an exciting battle strategy game where you build a team of quirky miniature fighters that charge on the battle arena to take on waves of enemies. It’s the first title from Ordermade Games, a relatively new publisher on Google Play store. However, you can still enjoy playing Legion Master for PC with the help of an emulator.

While strength is an advantage in the game, you also have to create tactical formations to increase the odds of beating opponents. Strategy in the game boils down to two components. Firstly, how you arrange your fighters requires some tactical thought. A legion comprises of nine boxes that can accommodate one or multiple fighting units. Secondly, you need to be strategic when it comes to assembling a powerful legion.

Recruit Heroes & Minions

Two groups of units exist in Legion Master : Idle RTS. The first ones are the tiny minions that fit up to nine of them in one box. On the other hand, you can recruit the more powerful and larger single heroes that take up an entire  box. Additionally, the hero in every legion uses special skills to lead the entire battalion.

There are five factions in this realm, namely the Elven, Elf, Vulcan, Divine, and Undead.  As a result, there is plenty of room to experiment with battle synergies between the different races. For instance, you can activate bonuses from the research tech tree that offer a stats boost when you deploy a specific number of particular units.

To obtain heroes and minions, you have to earn chests. Keep in mind, though, that every fighter has a rarity tier. For example, your roster could comprise of common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic units.

Different Game Modes & Worlds

Whether you choose to play Legion Master for PC or the default mobile version, the game treats players to a variety of game modes that are fun to play on any device. For starters, the PvE matches have you take on waves of AI enemies to grind for gold coins. During these matches, you will also discover different battlegrounds such as the Burning Valley, Forest of Hardships, and Icefield of Fightback.

When it comes to battle, the controls are quite intuitive. Your fighters charge and fight automatically thanks to the Idle RTS feature that this game has to offer. What’s more, the legion will keep going until it loses unless you hit the retreat button. Once they clear five enemy waves, there is a boss battle that takes place. Meanwhile, your units will be collecting gold coins when fighting enemies in the PvE matches.

For PvP matches, you will head over to the Desert War arena. What’s more, matches won in this sandstorm-raging battleground earn you gems, the premium in-game currency in Legion Master : Idle RTS.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Legion Master : Idle RTS on PC

  • Level Up Your Legion

After grinding for gold, you can use it to level up your minions and heroes. It is essential to enhance these units because that will increase combat power for your entire legion. Remember, completing some of the challenging levels and boss fights will be impossible if you don’t have a strong team.

  • Initiate Research Boosts

Another way to grow in strength when playing Legion Master : Idle RTS is by researching your troops. There are all kinds of boosts to collect after initiating this process. For instance, some research level-ups will increase ATK, DEF, or HP for a particular set of minions by several points. Although research can last anywhere between 30-minutes to several hours, there is also the opotion of spending gems to finish it instantly.

  • Collect Your Rewards

Besides the loot that you collect by grinding through missions, there are other free rewards to gather in the game. For example, you can claim your daily login prize for a chance to obtain free gold or chests that contain rare and epic heroes. In the daily deals section from the shop, there are also free coins that accumulate while offline, which you can collect.

  • Craft Relics

Relics offer a stats boost for your legion. So, use as many of these items as you can. Besides being a reward in chests, you can also craft them by combining large amounts of extra units. Make sure to check the relics menu for crafting blueprints.


About Legion Master : Idle RTS:

Legion Master : Idle RTS is a fun wave defense game where you get to sweep enemies with a squad of charging fighters. You will collect dozens of heroes and minions from five factions with unique battle skills. These units form a battalion that you can deploy using a wide range of formations. The best part is that gameplay is automated, so you just need to focus on unit positioning. Engage in intense tactical battles with PvP matches or face bots in the main campaign. Victories will generate resources that you can use to level up your legions and recruit more units.

Developer: Ordermade Games
Download: Android or iOS

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