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Typical Otome Game

Legend of the Phoenix is your average Otome game (otoge) with a focus on ancient style love stories. The game has a bit of simulation mechanics but is mostly story-driven. It begins in a comic style with balloon captions narrating the game’s plot. The protagonist you play fell in love with the kingdom’s crown prince who swore to make her queen once he ascended to the throne. So, your character uses up all her family’s wealth to help the prince capture the crown. Drunk with power, the king casts her aside. Besides that, he has her parents killed, and even goes as far as poisoning her.

In an unexpected twist, time flashes back, and your character awakens to find both parents alive. Still set on getting revenge and protecting her parents, she decides to infiltrate the palace by posing as a maid. What happens next is all in your control.

Legend of the Phoenix Puts Destiny in Your Hands

As is expected of an otome game, Legend of the Phoenix gives players the chance to craft their own narrative (as well as experiences) in the game through gameplay that is largely choice-based. After a few scenes, you will reach a decision checkpoint where the game presents two options. Whatever choice you make will determine the course the game takes. For instance, the first set of choices prompt you to either ‘Go to the palace’ or ‘Agree with your parents’ who want you to stay at home. As the story progresses, you will encounter more of these decision checkpoints and shape your destiny in the game.

Progressive Quests

While there is a lot to do in Legend of the Phoenix, the storyline unfolds through quests. They include all manner of simple tasks. For example, the goal may be something like clear stage 1 in the campaign, claim partner EXP, make a fortune by earning silver, complete level 2 in the story, upgrade a partner, and so on.

Every completed quest leads to the next part of the story and also earns you silver, fame, and EXP, all of which are essential for your progress in the game.

Comic-Style Graphics

Legend of the Phoenix has rather simple low-key graphics that solely consist of artistic renderings of scenes. Instead of characters moving about, the game changes from one scene to another. For instance, you may switch from inside the character’s room to outside the palace, from an aerial view of a village to the compound, etc. The cast also does not physically interact with each other but only appear in still images as a scene plays out mostly through a narrative box (much like digital comic books).

Tips & Tricks of Playing Legend of the Phoenix on PC

  • Play at Your Own Speed

Playing Legend of the Phoenix involves a lot of reading. Things move slowly in the story narration part with each graphic freezing to allow you time to read the captions. If you are a fast reader, you can tap on the screen to move onto the next scene.

Later on, conversations between characters, as well as the unfolding narrative, are presented in captions. This part moves a bit fast, but you can pause to ensure you catch everything. However, if you are not into reading, you can skip and go directly to decision checkpoints by watching videos.

  • Play Frequently to get more EXP and Fame

Playing frequently not only gets the game to progress faster, but it also earns you EXP and fame, both of which are useful in the game. For example, the experience can upgrade your partners to make them better assistants while fame will get you closer to your end game. Aside from the main story quest, the game has a lot of fun mini-things to do including side-quests, achievements, farming, cooking, and hunting systems, that will help you quickly top up on fame and experience points.

  • Watch out for a Tiny Red Dot

The interface in Legend of the Phoenix features all manner of icons with labels such as Top UP, VIP Perks, Recruitment, Quest, Achievement, Confidant, and Pigeon Mail. Sometimes, you will notice a tiny red dot next to the icons. When you see this notification, it means that a reward/something is available for collection. On the other hand, it could also indicate that there is a task to do.

  • Re-play Game for Different Experience

It is not every day you come across an otoge game with a plot that centers around revenge. As a result, this makes Legend of the Phoenix intriguing. You will likely find yourself playing non-stop, eager to find out what happens next. The only downside is that you might get to the end of the game much faster than you would have liked. However, this is not exactly a deal-breaker as you have a chance to rediscover the game all over again. You only need to restart the game and follow a whole new path by making different choices.

How to play

How to play Legend of the Phoenix on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Legend of the Phoenix Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Legend of the Phoenix on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Legend of the Phoenix:

The classic, laid back and captivating story-telling otome-style of Legend of the Phoenix makes it an entertaining game. The only downside of this visual novel is that there is no explanation on how to do things, which can pose a challenge to gaming fans who are new to this genre. However, if you follow the story quest, comply with the advice and suggestions of your confidants, engage in side-games, act on the red-dot prompts, and get what you need from the shop, you should be fine.

Developer: Modo Global
Download: Android or iOS

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