Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter for PC: Download & Install

How to play

How to play Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter on PC (3 Easy Steps):

  1. Download and install an emulator


  2. Login in your Google account

    You can find step by step guides bellow:

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  3. Install the game from Google Store
    Install Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter from the Google Store. Enjoy playing Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter on your favorite PC!
Download and Install Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Zombie Apocalypse Shooter

Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter is a fun game developed by My.Com B.V. It takes place in a world overrun with zombies. The New Earth Republic made these monsters after running experiments on people. Now, danger lurks everywhere. But, after being on the run for so long, you have decided to fight the enemy. You must build your base and protect it at all costs. Lead the way to zombie nests and save survivors. The best part is you can enjoy playing Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter on PC or mobile.

Multi-Game Mode

In the initial stages of Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter, you will only have access to the campaign mode. The main goal is to build your base. You can equip it with a town hall, armory, farm, factory, among other facilities. Upgrade your facilities and put survivors in charge to boost production.

The materials and cash you need for upgrades or building don’t come easy. You have to earn them by completing missions. In turn, you earn various prizes. These may include oil, scrap metal, food, create keys, or PvP tokens. You might win parts as well for unlocking more heroes, guns, and survivors. One of the prizes is a helicopter. This will help with aerial attacks on enemy bases. You may also win crates with Medkits or machetes. It is important to build your base and upgrade it. This will unlock other game modes like Base Raids, PvP and Team Match.

Awesome Graphics & Animation Effects

The developers of Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter went for human-like characters instead of cartoonish art-style. What’s more, Left to Survive offers a realistic battle simulation. You can marvel at the damage of heavy firepower during air raids as enemy bases explode to shreds. There’s even blood and gore when you slay zombies. And, the battle arenas also seem very realistic. These superb graphics make playing Left to Survive on PC or mobile very enjoyable.

[Left To Survive] - Official Trailer
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Tips and Tricks for Playing Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter on PC

• Aim for the Head
Some zombies are very relentless. You may shoot them down but they still wake up. To avoid this, focus on headshots. A bullet to the head will drop and kill these walking dead creatures. Headshots not only save on ammo but also earn you extra cash. For better accuracy, shoot in short bursts. This way, your gun will not suffer a lot of recoils.

• Take Down Special Zombies Fast
In some of the missions, you may encounter zombies with special abilities. These zombie bosses may sprint toward or jump at you. Others wear police armor or take on the role of suicide bombers and detonate smoke bombs with toxic gas. Act fast to take down such zombies before they get too close and inflict damage.

• Use Explosives to Your Advantage
You have to be strategic when taking on a large horde of zombies. Use explosives to strike down a wave of zombies. You can do this by hurling grenades or shooting at the red flammable barrels until they explode. This is also an easy way to flush out stubborn opponents in PvP battles.

• Replay Campaign Mode Missions
Stuck on a difficult level? Replay past missions in the campaign mode. This will earn you XP and items. Use those rewards to upgrade your hero who will then have better chances of success in the harder stages.

[Left To Survive] - Danger can hide around the corner
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About Left to Survive: PvP Zombie Shooter:

Developer: My.com B.V.
Download: Android or iOS

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