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Laws of Civilization For Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install

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Download and Play “Laws of Civilization” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Enter the World of Politics

Laws of Civilization is an intriguing simulation game for people who are into politics. This turn-based simulation title will give you a little taste of what it is like to be a politician. In the game, you get to form a political party, make promises to citizens, and run for parliament. After emerging victorious in the elections, you can now start to approve or repeal laws. Choose to shape the future of your country or just tell citizens what they want to hear for the sake of simply getting into power. However you choose to play, one thing is for sure – Laws of Civilization for PC and mobile lets you explore your passion in politics in a fun and engaging way.

Simple Point & Clip Gameplay

When playing Laws of Civilization, you will perform actions like writing and approving a law, trash talking other parties, or even selling your own agendas. Depending on the stage you are in, you can also organize events like protest or fundraisers to gain more lawmaker’s experience, popularity or loyalty. While these activities might sound complex, most of the gameplay mechanics are simple. All you have to do is point, drag and click menus on the screen to put things in motion.

Premium & Free Modes Available

You can play Laws of Civilization for PC or on your mobile device free of charge. However, if you want to play without ads that pop up on the free version, opt to sign up for the premium edition. This version lets you choose from 11 different countries and comes with additional features as well. For instance, you will be able to engage in money laundering to easily fund your campaigns or stock up on bribery cash. If you decide to go all out as a rogue politician, the Assassinations premium feature will allow you to eliminate obstacles or the competition. In addition, the premium edition offers more than 100 ordinary and constitutional laws along with dozens of science advances to work with as you build your political career.

Laws of Civilization TRAILER | Political simulation game Android, iOS & PC

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Laws of Civilization

• Use the Tutorial
Instead of getting right into the action, take some time to learn about the game, especially if you are a beginner. The best way to start learning how to play is by going through the tutorial. You will find this menu item at the bottom of your screen after clicking the “New Game” icon.

• Buy Votes
Sometimes you can write and propose a law but fail to get the required number of votes to have it approved. If you really want to build a good resume and have the law passed, then buy votes. House members who voted against your law will have red dots. Click on them to offer a bribe.

• Change the Difficulty Level
Having difficulty passing laws or building relations with other parties? If so, you might want to change the difficulty level. You can do this when starting the game by clicking one of the lower bars on the difficultly screen. Alternatively, opt to play as a Standard player instead of the Advanced mode.

• Create New Laws
Check what laws already exist before you create a new law. Your chances of having the law passed will be higher if the legislation is on a subject that has been neglected by or has not caught the attention of other lawmakers.

About Laws of Civilization:

Developer: Damian Bernardi
Download: Android and iOS


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