Last World for PC Windows / Mac – Download & Install (Trailer)

How to play

How to play Last World on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
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Download, Install and Play Last World on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Last World adds to the growing list of strategy games in which you try to survive a zombie apocalypse. However, Last World for PC is unique in its own subtle ways. The developers didn’t go for the usual cookie cutter approach that is now expected of games in this genre. Unlike in most similar games, there are no heroes to unlock. Players start from scratch by creating their own character. You can choose your own custom name as well. The game also doesn’t center on killing zombies right away. You will be exploring for the most part in the initial stages. You roam the wasteland to gather resources and build a shelter. Weapons are not just unlocked either, as there is no in-game armory. You have to collect or craft them yourself.

Scavenge for Supplies

Scavenging is how you survive in Last World for PC. You have to look for supplies in the wasteland. Chests and car trunks often contain plenty of valuable items. You may find materials like rope, clothing, and weapons, just to name a few. Once you pick up a machete, it will be good enough to defend yourself. Most supplies you collect help with crafting. For instance, wood and stones are essential for crafting a campfire, axes, or your shelter. You can also make a basic backpack from rope and grass.

Complete Different Quests

Playing Last World is easy since the game offers on-screen text guides. You will also interact with the NPC (non-player character) to get instructions and tips. Therefore, players will always know what to search for when scavenging. Once you collect enough materials, simply click the “Blueprints” menu to craft an item. To avoid things from getting dull, Last World offers a PvP mode as well. This means you can join a clan and team up with other survivors to raid rival factions. Sometimes the game will take you to new locations in search of resources.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Last Word

• Use the Mini-Map for Threats

The wasteland is a dangerous place. You will encounter zombies and infected wild boars. These threats are not passive. They will actually sprint toward you. Fortunately, any danger in your surrounding appears as a red dot on the game’s mini-map. Always check the map when scavenging to avoid surprise attacks.

• Focus on Collecting Essential Items

You can only collect a limited number of items. The pocket only offers 10 slots and you get 5 extra if you manage to craft a backpack. So, only collect the resources for the immediate item that the game instructs you to craft.

• Mine for Stones

Collecting stones for crafting an item that needs this material can be tedious. Instead, mine for stones with a pickaxe. Every boulder you smash produces 3 stones. This is a much faster way of collecting rocks.


About Last World:

Developer: iDreamSky
Download: APK File, Android, or iOS

Tip: You can also download Last World on PC using the APK file. Just download it and open the file using your chosen emulator to proceed with installation.

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