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Last Shelter Survival
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Be A Survivor

If you love survival games then you will most definitely appreciate what Last Shelter: Survival has to offer. Although this awesome strategy game may be familiar to those who have played Jurassic Survival and other survival games, it introduces a brand new approach. With the zombie virus getting lose and a large portion of the human race already affected, it is up to you to ensure that you do not fall victim to this unfortunate chain of circumstances. How? You may ask! The answer is simple- surviving for as long as you can. You will be part of the few human beings who are virus-free and have gathered supplies to barely get them by in this scary world. By building a strong empire, you can rekindle the dwindling flame of humanity.

Command To The End

When you Download Last Shelter: Survival For PC or whichever format you choose to play the game in, you will assume the role of the ultimate commander. There is no time to waste, you will have to immediately build your defense structures to fend off the zombie hoards that are approaching. It is also important to keep your people fed as this will enable them to stay alive for much longer. To make things more interesting, it is possible to join an alliance and go to war with your friends.

Thrive In Your Environment

As the saying goes, it is only in the toughest situations that we will truly know the power of your strength. The world may have ended-but not the war. Therefore, you will have to do all you can to thrive in your environment. Building and managing your post-apocalyptic sanctuary is no easy task but this is what will prove your strength as a player. This is all the motivation you need to get rid of those annoying zombies!

Tips and Tricks For Playing Last Shelter: Survival

This strategy game requires an abundance of wits and tricks to survive. Here are a few tips and tricks that will enable you to survive for as long as you can:

· Go towards a different direction
When you go towards a direction where everyone else is going, you may not necessarily be able to track all the extras such as chests. Look for useful equipment in the opposite direction before taking a run.

· Be well-equipped
This cannot be stressed enough! By having the collection of best armor and weapons, you will easily outlast your opponents. Choose weapons that you are most comfortable using such as bows and arrows or swords.

· Preserve your food
Food will enable you to survive for a long a time. Therefore, do not waste it in any way. When looting chests, look for food. Refill your hunger quickly and save up on the rest for when you will really need it. Do not go for food that does not instantly refill hunger.

· Eliminate the enemy
Needless to say, eliminating the enemy is the only way to survive. Luckily, you are not alone! You will have an army to train and that can help you plan your kill. Develop a plan that will quickly lead them to their doom.

· Get busy crafting
Craft all essential items that you may require. Weapons can be crafted too. Remember on Last Shelter: Survival, there is no time to slack.


About Last Shelter: Survival:

Developer: Long Tech Network Limited
Download: Android and iOS

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