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Do All You Can To Make It To Tomorrow

The day that humankind dread has finally come to pass. The torment has killed almost everyone around you. The other half of the people have been changed into breasts. You are supposed to engage in a survival battle like no other. You do not have a choice, you have to do all you can to remain alive amid the chaos. The Zombies may have taken over but your willpower to fight will keep you alive. Do not forget to assemble havens to shield yourself from the dead and other dangerous survivors! You will only last another day if you are a smart player!
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Escape From Everyday Existence

Although there are many zombie games, Last Another Day does a good job of transporting you into an environment that will frustrate you and test your limits. Last Another Day directs all of its players in a world full of homicidal zombies. With a specific end goal in mind, you will be required to work through a number of levels and get out on the other side.

Put on A Great Defense

In order to survive, you have to use your wits to construct quality havens and create essential marksman aptitudes that will get you by. In the beginning of Last Another Day, you will come across some survivors in the city. You will also have a task of gathering this entire group, and together, face the evil zombies together. With this co-operative effort, you are sure to stay alive for as long as necessary. Needless to say, building your armed forces is no easy task especially since you have the dandle strong ammo and weapons. You have to keep on, the last thing you can do is give up.

Enjoy the Multiplayer Experience

Last Another Day offers single player and multiplayer experience. While you may have built a one-man army on many other gaming platforms before but this game gives you an opportunity to play together with your friends. Download Last Another Day For PC to enjoy an indulging, playing experience!

Tips and Tricks For Playing Last Another Day

Surviving this world of Zombies requires the right tact, skills, and tenacity. However, you will not necessarily become a good player overnight. With constant practice, together with these tips and tricks, you will be able to make it:

· Stay down!
Each move that you will be making in this Zombie world is tailed. Therefore, you need to stay down and be discreet at all times. The most minimal movement could pull the zombies to your area. While you do this, put an additional measure in place; recruit more warriors to guard the heaven and build better quality units.

· Build all your resources
Preparing fighters and getting enough nourishment are good strategies but to annihilate zombies, you have to build all your resources. Do not leave anything out of the equation.

· Increase your defense options by rebuilding the walls
Rebuilding the wall is the wellspring of your life. If your walls are weak, the zombies will get to you in a split second. It is best to be safe than sorry.

· Be fully equipped
It is very important to have an abundance of resources. When sending food to your troop, always send more than you think you will need. Have an excess of weapons, build a dispatch center and dispatch more troops to battle. To build your base, recruit more troops and feed them on an hourly basis.

About Last Another Day:

Developer: LEHEGAME Co,.Ltd
Download: Android and iOS