KonoSuba: Fantastic Days for PC – Install on Mac / Windows

Gacha RPG with Anime & Fantasy Elements

What is not to love about gacha RPGs? You get to summon players in flashy fashion, level them up, and use them to complete battle-oriented missions. Now imagine a gacha RPG will all the bells and whistles of anime games. Well, that is what you get with KonoSuba: Fantastic Days.

A Japanese-style game, KonoSuba features adorable characters, never-ending action, striking animations, and stunning battle effects that make the game feel alive. You play as a brave traveler who has been summoned to take down the army of the Devil king.

You will get to travel through the game’s world collecting beloved KonoSuba characters, completing quests & missions, and fighting a bunch of enemies. When it comes to expanding your hero roster, the game has a Recruit button at the bottom of the screen where you can summon new characters using in-game currency quartz.

Interesting Character Style

KonoSuba only has a handful of character options. However, the game offers many different versions of the characters, making your list of hero options quite extensive. One character can have several variations, including casual, adventurer, ranger, crusader, lancer, day job, day off, crimson devil, and more. You can level up different variations of the same character and put them into a system referred to as the sub-member slot where the hero can earn passive stats.

Characters are put into different categories in this game. We have the typical combat types of attackers, tankers, support units, healers, and buffs.

Characters further divide into 2, 3, & 4 star levels. Every character has basic attacks, special skills, and ultimate skills. The skills are based on the elemental forces of earth, fire, wind, water, light, dark, and lightning.

Another aspect of this game’s characters is an affinity system that allows you to form bonds with your characters. You can send your players out on errands or assign them jobs. And funny enough, they come back liking you more. Your characters will also like you more, develop more skills, and earn more passive stats the more you use them.

The game has a Rich Combat Scene

KonoSuba features an auto-style of battle. Players form battle squads of 5 with a formation of 3 characters in the front and 2 at the rear. There are also sub-member slots that work to help with passive skills. It is possible to equip weapons and accessories to those in the sub-member slots.

During battle, only the front units go into combat. When any die, the characters at the rear jump in to continue the fight.

Combat options in KonoSuba include Main Quests, Free Quests, Battle Arena, and Events. The free quests tend to make up your daily grind. They consist of a series of pursuits that you can complete a limited number of times per day.

The missions are divided into several types, each offering a specific reward. EXP quests reward you with power potions, Eris quests feature earnings of gold, while Relic quests allow you to earn power potions. Free quests also come in different difficulty levels where you earn better rewards with the more difficult stages.

The game also has a story mode, which makes up a huge part of gameplay. The main quests bear a direct link to the story mode. You complete main quests to unlock the main stories.

The game has a chain system, where completing a quest results in increased character affinity, subsequently unlocking the character’s story. To play through the stories, you will need stamina which you earn through play.

Tips & Tricks for Playing KonoSuba: Fantastic Days on PC

• Go with the Best Team Composition

When forming your battle squads, it is wise that you include a little bit of everything. Ensure you have a couple of attackers, a tank, support unit, and healer in your squad. Alternatively, include a mix of physical and magic attackers as well.

It also pays to consider the element side of things. For instance, trolls in the game are weak to fire. So, bringing fire units to a troll battle will increase your chances of winning. You can even go a step further by using a fire character who is equipped with a fire weapon.

• Upgrade your Characters in Groups

KonoSuba offers several ways to upgrade characters. First off, characters level up automatically after completing battles. You can also spend power potions at the character menu to level up characters. Leveling up a character increases stats and power.

Another option is to upgrade the skill of a character. You can do this using skill potion material or duplicate copies of the same character. Skills upgrade randomly, but all work to make a hero more effective in combat. Lastly, you can promote a character using relics and gold. Promoting a character works to increase their max level, thus improving their combat worthiness.

Whatever route you choose, make it a point to upgrade your characters in sets. The total strength of your combat party increases more if you upgrade all of the characters in a squad in one go. Additionally, upgrading a 4-star unit with a supporting 2 or 3-star character results in a 10% increase in character stats.

• Grind at Battle Arena

This game’s free quests are not your only source for obtaining the materials you will need to upgrade your characters. Battle arena mode is another great place to grind for materials. And unlike with free quests, there is no limit to how many times you can play at the battle arena.

The battle arena features timed battles against the game’s big bosses. There are 3 different boss levels, including Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. You will only be able to go against the boss who is in the same power levels as you.

In battle arena mode, you do not need to kill the boss. Simply deal the most damage you can before the timer runs out. Rewards are awarded according to damage points. The higher your damage points, the better the rewards.

• Play Every Bit of Story Mode

This game goes all out with its story mode. It offers story events, game backstories, story missions, and character stories. The stories are animated and voice-acted, making for double the fun.

The downside is that there are so many stories that it can be tempting to skip through some of them. However, you should not. A chunk of the game’s rewards is gotten by playing story mode.

One particular area you should not miss out on is the viewing of game stories. Completing story missions sees you unlock new game stories. The game offers one-time bonus rewards (including quartz) for viewing a new story. Always take up the offer and never go for the ‘watch later’ option offered.

How to play

How to play KonoSuba: Fantastic Days on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play KonoSuba: Fantastic Days on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About KonoSuba: Fantastic Days:

There is plenty to love about KonoSuba: Fantastic Days. The game has an enjoyable combat atmosphere, cool character designs, vibrant enemy animations, and full-screen animation of ultimate skills. Gameplay involves a series of simple taps, plus there is enough content to keep you busy as the game is long and includes a lot of grinding. There is no denying that the game has all the hallmark qualities of a great anime.

Developer: NEXON Company
Download: Android or iOS

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