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Warfare Strategy Game

Knights of the Desert is a warfare strategy game that takes you into the Arab world. The setting is not surprising, given that many gaming publishers who decide to venture into this genre try to stand out from the crowd by creating a unique theme.

With this release from FunPlus International, you get treated to some desert sceneries adorned with dunes and scattered palm trees, along with Arabic soundtracks playing into the background.

You will take part in an adventure that follows the legend of Antara by trying to build a kingdom in a war-torn world.

Although you mostly fight for glory, the game lets you engage in a wide range of other activities. For instance, you will have a chance to explore a vast world map, tame wild eagles, get a taste of the nomadic lifestyle, and meet the love of your life.

Dominate in Battle & Develop Your Kingdom

In the world of Knights of the Desert, there is constant warfare going on. Despite this, you have to build an army to defend your city.

You can send scouts to gather intel, collect resources, fight invaders, or hunt wild animals outside the city walls. Alternatively, have fun ambushing and plundering kingdoms of other players.

When not fighting, you will be busy building your kingdom. There are plenty of base-building tasks.

In the early stages, players set up different kinds of buildings. These include the palace, tribe leader’s home, eagles nest, hall of heroes, tower of kings, trap factory, scholar pavilion, scout camp, warehouse, stables, embassy, hospital, and many others that unlock as you level up.

Almost everything is within the city walls. On the outside, you can do things like plant date trees, set up lumberyards, erect a watchtower, put up a marching tent, and so on. After building, you have to keep upgrading these structures with resources earned from completing tasks in the game.

Construction and upgrading existing structures take time. However, you can buy speed-ups to fast-track the process.

Hero Recruitment & Troops

There are various types of troops in the game. Cavalry units ride on horseback and use lancers to fight. Archers attack with arrows and use different bows like longbows, crossbows, etc.

Additionally, you will have infantry units. These are the ground troops that wield swords, spears, and other weapons for melee combat.

The troop upgrade feature boosts their base stats like health, load, power, and attack. There is also an option to train them in the barracks, range, and training field.

Besides troops, you can recruit heroes in Knights of the Desert. They lead the charge in battle and have unique combat skills that unlock after reaching certain hero levels.

Heroes also fall under archetypes like infantry, archer, and cavalry. The process of recruiting them is random. It involves opening treasure chests with keys.

Beginner Tips & Tricks for Playing Knights of the Desert on PC

• Change the Language

The Knights of the Desert strategy combat game goes all out on the Arabian theme, even in the menus. Upon installing the game, you might be put off by the user interface descriptions if you can’t read Arabic. However, you can change the language settings to English with just a few simple steps.

Firstly, click the lord avatar on the top left corner of your screen. Next, click on the gear icon labeled settings. Lastly, look for the globe icon from the menu options that will pop up and tap it to change your language preference.

• Bind Your Account

Another tip to remember once you install the game is to bind it to your Facebook or Google account. By doing so, you can avoid losing your progress and other value packs that you decide to buy.

• Be Mindful of the Weather

When playing Knights of the Desert, the weather can change drastically. When there is a sandstorm, it hinders troops from marching. On the other hand, nightfall provides the perfect cover to assassinate your enemies with stealth.

Don’t ignore the weather because it can offer your battle units and heroes a tactical advantage.

• Join a Tribe

Whereas other games offer guilds and alliances, Knights of the Desert allows you to be part of a tribe. Make sure to join one to unlock extra benefits. For instance, tribemates can donate resources to each other or send reinforcements in war.

• Claim Your Rewards

In conclusion, keep in mind that this game gives you a task list to work on for every chapter. Once you complete any of the activities listed there, you will be able to claim extra wood and dates.

Usually, the tasks are simple things like upgrading a building to a given target level, increasing the marching speed of your troops, battling certain types of enemies, and so on.

Make sure to check what your chapter tasks are and prioritize them to increase your resource count. You will also be allowed to gather chapter completion rewards after ticking off everything in the tasks list.

How to play

How to play Knights of the Desert on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Knights of the Desert Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Knights of the Desert on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Knights of the Desert:

Knights of the Desert teleports players into an ancient Arab civilization, a realm where warlords reign supreme. It plays out as a warfare strategy game where you get to build your city, complete with a palace and other installations for your military. The game comes replete with battle quests that thrust you into the shoes of a general. You will have plenty of opportunities to arrange your cavalry, infantry, range, and siege troops into various formations before sending them out to wage war on enemies. How will you shape history in the Arabian Peninsula? Grab your tunic and turban and step into this fantasy realm to enjoy an adventure like no other.

Developer: FunPlus International AG
Download: Android or iOS

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