Knife Hit On Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (Gameplay)

Download and Play “Knife Hit” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

The Ultimate Knife Challenge

It is pretty obvious that you were taught not to play with knives when you were younger. Needless to say, sharp objects can be dangerous but the addictive mobile game, knife Hit, will make you throw all of these childhood lessons out of the window. In no time, this game, which presents itself as an amazing brain teaser, will be your guilty pleasure. You no longer have to wonder what you will do during your free time because Knife Hit will keep you well-occupied. You can also Download Knife Hit For PC.

Put your Timer on

Contrary to what you may think, when playing Knife Hit, you do not need to use your motor skills. It is rather a proper timing game. You will be required to use a knife in chopping a circular log. A variety of knives will be given to you at the start of the game. Make sure your knives do not hit each other, otherwise, the game will come to an abrupt end.

Go Through the Stages

As you continue playing Knife Hit, you will be allowed to upgrade to a better knife. As with any other Android game, there are various stages that you will go through in your efforts to get to the top. Do not think that the same playing tactics apply in each stage. If anything, all stages are different and will put hand and eye coordination to test. This is the way to test your level of accuracy. As you play through the stages, you will enjoy nice graphics, one-touch systems of controls and an array of knives-all at your disposal. It is easy to Download Knife Hit For PC to fight against sly bosses and enjoy the game in a whole different level.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Knife Hit

When playing any strategic game, you will always find ways to challenge yourself. Whether you are looking to better your score, win all the boss fights that this game throws at you or simply sharpen your knife throwing skills, these tips and tricks will always come in handy.

· Be a fast tapper
As you throw knives at the target, it will continue to rotate. When your knife hits, it will stick to the target until it breaks. Therefore, the more knives stuck on the target, the more difficult it will be throwing new ones. By tapping quickly, you will not create any gaps between the knives. On the contrary, it will stick more knives together and give you space for additional knives.

· Slow down and take your time to beat the bosses
Anytime you get to a level that is a multiplier of 5, you will go up against a bus. As the bosses move erratically, it will be difficult to predict where the knife will land. To beat the bosses, observe them carefully before throwing the knives.

· Always unlock new knives
The ways to unlock new knives on Knife Hit is by beating a boss, spinning the random knives by paying 250 apples and watching a certain number of ads. These three methods unlock different types of knives. Use them to your advantage to better your gameplay.

· Watch an ad to resume your game
Apart from unlocking knives, watching an ad will prevent your game from coming to an end whenever you hit a knife or a spike. Anytime you lose, the game will give you go seconds to decide if you want to accept the ad offer or not. My advice? Accept it immediately!

About Knife Hit:

Developer: Ketchapp
Download: Android and iOS

Knife Hit
Source: Google Play