King’s Choice for PC – Discover How to Download & Install

Rule a Medieval Kingdom

Imagine what it would be like to literally build a kingdom from scratch? King’s Choice is an exciting RPG that takes you on such an adventure.

In this fantasy world, you take on the role of a ruler living in a European-style medieval royal court. You are in charge of the entire kingdom. As a result, it is your responsibility to recruit soldiers, confer knighthood, handle governance affairs, acquire resources, build alliances, and issue orders.

With an army at your beck and call, you will join PvP battles to crush your enemies and become the ultimate supreme emperor.

Experience the splendor of this epic game by living the life of royalty. You will host guests to lavish banquets, live in luxurious palaces, date gorgeous concubines, and sire children. The game lets you raise your heirs or marry them off to other players to make your kingdom even stronger.

A Saga of Royal Thrones

One of the unique features of King’s Choice is that it unfolds with riveting storytelling. The adventure tees off by selecting a gender. Therefore, that means you can be the king or queen in charge of the kingdom.

The game plot plays out through conversations that pop up on the screen between the different cast. You will be able to read through what is happening. From tales of romance, loyalty, betrayal, vengeance, and war, the game treats players to an engaging saga of thrones.

There are multiple chapters to cover in the main storyline. You will fight enemies at different stages before ultimately taking on a boss fight where your knight faces the enemy knight to unlock the next chapter.

Sometimes, the game provides you with choices to make. In a sense, this RPG lets players write their own stories.

Rewards System

Like every game, King’s Choice rewards you for completing quests. You can earn grain to feed your troops, silver, and accessories for your knights, and collect many other resources. When you level up your lord after earning the required prestige points, this also raises limits for troop recruitment, arena refreshes, silver storage, grain collection, and capacity for handling government affairs.

Daily quests offer a list of challenges to take on. They come in handy if you want to earn extra rewards in addition to those that you get from the main storyline and handling internal affairs.

To qualify for a daily quest reward, you could be required to do something a certain number of times. For example, the challenge could be to upgrade knights, recruit troops, or collect silver, and so on. They keep refreshing every day.

Once you accomplish the specified goal, your reward will become available for claiming. Achievements loot also works in the same way but is based on your progress in the game.

Tips & Tricks for Playing King’s Choice on PC

• Gain Strength in Numbers

Grain is used to recruit soldiers who help you fight enemies in battle. You will have a higher chance to win battles when having more troops than the enemy. Therefore, make sure to gather plenty of grain and build a formidable army with plenty of soldiers.

• Upgrade Your Knights

Once you collect silver as part of your trading rewards, this resource will help you to upgrade your knights’ talents, level, and skills. It is essential to keep upgrading them because their base attributes increase, which then means you will require fewer soldiers in battle. Consequently, having knights with higher strength also means you will lose fewer troops.

• Boost Power and Attributes

The knights, lovers, heirs, and lord have four similar attributes. Strength increases combat performance, charisma helps you recruit more soldiers, intellect yields more silver from internal affairs, and leadership boosts grain collection.

You can use prestige points to upgrade your lord level by completing many quests. Additionally, don’t forget to level up your lovers, heirs and knights to increase power and other attributes.

• Give Gifts to Lovers

Gifts for lovers obtained from quests, events, item stores, and other sources will help you earn intimacy points. Once these reach certain levels, you will unlock power relations. You can then spend power points to give lovers of your knights’ various buffs.

How to play

How to play King's Choice on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install King's Choice Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play King's Choice on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About King’s Choice:

King’s Choice is an otome-style RPG that treats players to an epic saga of royalty and drama of thrones in a medieval setting. As ruler of your empire, you will be responsible for all sorts of activities. These include recruiting soldiers, managing knights, forming alliances, conquering new lands, siring children, and raising heirs, just to name a few. The game has its fair share of romance as well. You get to meet stunning beauties from royal families and have them as mistresses. Besides the main storyline, there are other game modes to play such as the Daily Quests, Pirate Invasion, Endless War, Knights Parade, and more. Discover what this amazing RPG has to offer by playing it on PC.

Developer: ONEMT
Download: Android or iOS

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