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Developed by IGG.COM, Kingdoms Mobile – Total Clash is a new strategy game where you fight vicious players and monsters from all over the world. To develop the greatest empire, you need to grow your army, expand your territory, collect and train powerful heroes. If you are a fan of hardcore strategy, teamwork, and intense PvP you will enjoy playing Kingdoms Mobile – Total Clash. You will find the world in chaos hence you have to fight hard to win the lands. This fighting requires a strategic fighter with battle skills and epic alliances to be able to win these battles. This game will also introduce a new feature that enables gamers to visit new worlds. More so, you can download Kingdoms Mobile – Total Clash for PC.

Game Features

  1. Game wide skirmishes – If you are looking for a battle, the skirmish systems will help you get the best match.
  2. Powerful and unique heroes – It has some of the most powerful heroes each with a unique set of style, skills, and troops under your command.
  3. Build your army the way you want – You can build your army the way you want without any problem.
  4. Epic stronghold battles – You can join a fight and fight with hordes of other players for the control of the most powerful strongholds that you have. To claim their mysterious power, you just need to strategize.
  5. Effortless server migration – Whether you are in for a new challenge or you just want to play with friends, this game gives you the opportunity to look for greener pasture.
  6. Endless strategic depth – You can focus on defense or attack depending on what you want to use to be able to win.

What’s new in last version of Kingdoms Mobile – Total Clash?

Kingdoms Mobile – Total Clash
Source: Google Play
  • Provisions gotten from Guild Skirmishes will take troop capacity.
  • It now has an upgraded current Battles display.
  • It has various UI improvements.
  • During the game, the first stronghold to occupy must be a village.
  • You can chat in any language that you want since communication is no longer a problem.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • If the player that initiated the skirmishes leaves the attacking coalition he will not proceed with the game.
  • To play this game you need an internet connection.

Tips and tricks on how to play

  • Command Your Team – To succeed in the game, you need to command your own team and send them to fight with millions of troops.
  • Fight in a unique way – To fight, it’s important to fight in a unique way and in borderless battles where you can win a huge world of kingdoms.
  • Build your own empire – You also need to build your own empire and gather riches that are only fit for a king.
  • Have power, respect, and allegiance – The only things that will make you win the ultimate strategy is having power, respect, and allegiance.
  • Join or create guilds – Create or join guilds that have players who have the same mission, goals, and passions.
  • Control powerful cities – To become the ultimate ruler you need to fight and take control of the powerful cities.

Overall, Kingdoms Mobile – Total Clash is a game worth playing especially if you want to enjoy yourself. According to most gamers, it’s a very nice game to play. What are you still waiting for, download Kingdoms Mobile – Total Clash today and start playing it!

About Kingdoms Mobile – Total Clash:

Release date: Jun 23, 2016
Developer: IGG.COM
Platforms: Android and iOS