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Hero Collector RPG

Get some action, adventure, and test combat strategy by choosing to play Kingdom Boss – Hero RPG, the super fun hero collector by Playstudios that is now out.

Right off the bat, the developers of this game treat players to a captivating plot. You will embark on an adventure to save the fictional Kingdom of Dominus. A dark, unnatural force is spreading fast, corrupting everything it touches. Only the flame of creation can counter its effects, but this is also waning.

As a powerful leader, your help is required to get new heroes who will fight the Blight enemies and save the Kingdom. You will have fun laying waste to Golems and other monsters along with their minions.

Defeat Enemies & Build the Kingdom

You can either play PvE or PvP modes, depending on your preference. The former option lets you delve into the story, which unfolds through chapters. For instance, the first one involves going through the forest to get to the castle that is under siege. You have to complete multiple quests before moving on to the next chapter.

Whether you prefer to go up against real players in real-time or discover how the game plot advances in the campaign mode, the fights are full of action.

Some levels require Blight Fragments to play. You have to defeat enemies in the Blight Land to acquire these resources.

On any typical level, you will take on waves of enemy teams. The goal is to wipe out every last foe. During challenges, you can take complete control or turn on combat auto-play. When heroes fight automatically, they also unleash their Ultimate skills without your intervention once they have full energy.

Combat x2 speed can also help speed things up! Paired with combat auto-play, it becomes fast and easy to finish fights.

The Adventure Hub is where you deploy your heroes to carry out all kinds of missions. You can also send out heroes from the Explorer’s Lodge, and they will return with lots of loot.

As a bonus, Kingdom Boss – Hero RPG features idle mode. That means your heroes continue to wage war on enemies and defend the land even after you exit the game. Once you log back in, you will find resources waiting for collection.

Besides combat missions, you can focus on building the Kingdom. Upgrading buildings in your Kingdom produces more resources to collect. Over time, they really add up, and you get to store all Kingdom resources in the treasury.

Summon Heroes

Collecting characters is the other main feature of this game that will keep you busy. You will spend summon tokens to call heroes through the portal. You can also use gems to acquire new characters, but some heroes unlock as you progress through the story or reach certain progress milestones.

There is also an option to equip heroes with weapons & gear. Doing this boosts their power even further. Higher tier gear gives them better stats.

Heroes also belong to different factions like Humans, Orcs, Tritons, and the Undead. They further divide into various classes based on their fighting style. For instance, the Striker can dish out a lot of damage to enemies standing in the way, making them great for front row units. Support units like healers and mages do their best in the back row with a Defender (tank units that absorb damage) stationed in front of them.

Apart from upgrading heroes, you can also ascend them. Each hero has a star rating, which increases with ascension. In the process, this increases level-up caps, meaning if a hero is maxed out, you will be able to level them up further after ascending to the next star level.

Once you get duplicate copies of heroes, you will be able to ascend them in the Hall of Heroes. Ascending your heroes will increase their stats.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Kingdom Boss – Hero RPG on PC

• Claim Your Rewards Quests

There are 6 daily quests to complete every day. These tasks usually challenge you to carry out specific activities before you can qualify for a reward. For instance, you may be asked to upgrade a hero to a certain level, summon a hero, challenge a campaign boss, and so on.

Make sure to complete your daily quests for a chance to win Spirit Essence, free Hero Summon Tokens, coins, and other goodies! Work on your weekly and progression quests too for a chance to claim extra rewards. In the deals section, you can collect free daily, weekly, and monthly gem packs.

Lastly, remember to collect the 7-day login rewards for a chance to get gems, hero shards, one Epic Empire hero, among other rewards.

• Use Ultimates Wisely

In Kingdom Boss – Hero RPG, every character has an ultimate skill that charges up as they dish out a beating to the enemies. It can be exciting to use these abilities because they deal high amounts of damage and come with a flashy animation to boot.

That said, however, it is essential to use your ultimates wisely. For instance, a support unit with healing ability would best utilize their ultimate by waiting until there is a teammate with low health.

Additionally, you can use tactical targeting to make the most out of your ultimates. All you have to do is precisely drag the ultimate skill of any hero and drop it on specific enemies on the battlefield, such as the strongest boss in a pack.

• Take Advantage of Hero Faction Buffs

Another combat tip to remember is to take advantage of faction buffs. You only need to prioritize attacking the type of units you are strong against to activate them.

Each hero deals bonus damage to enemies of another faction. For instance, Blue Empire units unleash more damage to the Red Syndicate faction. On the other hand, they are weaker against the Risen Purple enemies. Make sure to familiarize yourself more on hero factions because characters have a 50% damage bonus and take 50% reduced damage against enemies if they have a faction advantage.

• Level Up Heroes

Finally, leveling up your heroes is the key to keep winning in Kingdom Boss – Hero RPG. You need Spirit Essence to level up heroes in your collection. It is a special material that allows them to tap into the power of the Flame of Creation. Consume it along with coins, and your units will grow strong.

You will receive these materials each time after completing quests successfully. You can also get Spirit Essence from dungeons. Keep your Hall of Learning upgraded to get more of it.

How to play

How to play Kingdom Boss – Hero RPG on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Kingdom Boss – Hero RPG Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Kingdom Boss – Hero RPG on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Kingdom Boss – Hero RPG:

Kingdom Boss - Hero RPG is a fun game where you collect heroic characters to fight corrupted enemies laying siege to a fictional land known as Dominus. The dark Blight energy is spreading, corrupting everyone it influences, including noble folk of the land, who it turns into villains. You need to summon heroes and deploy them into battle using strategic formations. There are plenty of factions and hero classes to play with, and all the characters have unique skills and ultimates to smite enemies. As you win battles, you will get resources to upgrade your Kingdom, acquire new heroes, upgrade existing ones and ascend them to grow stronger. Equip your heroes with gear, deploy them in expeditions, or assemble the best team to dominate in PvP battles. Ultimately, this game is plenty of fun to play and has many features to offer. Download and install it on your PC to enjoy the big-screen experience using the steps shared in this guide.

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