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How to play

How to play King of Defense Battle Frontier on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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  • Install King of Defense Battle Frontier Apk from the Store.
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Commander of an Army

King of Defense Battle Frontier is a tower defense game created by GCentre. Your main purpose is to defend the Golden Land Home and its inhabitants from the invasion of an enemy army. Therefore, you will lead soldiers in the war and use battle strategies to defeat them.

Your battalion consists of soldiers, archers, pet fighters, and occasionally the inhabitants of the land. The latter allies assist you when they have time to defend their home. You as the commander will make use of the army and also build towers to deal damage on foes and eventually put a stop to their invasion.
The game is fairly simple to play. However, as you advance deeper, enemies become tougher to beat.

Tower Defense

Towers are your main tool of defense in the game of King of Defense Battle Frontier. There are four main types of turrets. Firstly, you can build the wood hammer tower. Its main function is to summon soldiers to fight foes on the ground. Secondly, there is the archer tower. It continuously fires arrows at enemy units to keep them from advancing.

Nervous spread tower is the third one, which fires lighting balls towards the enemies both on land and in the air. Finally, you can set up the gunpowder tower. It shoots cannon balls at the invaders in a short distance range.

Keep in mind that towers can combine / merge. So, this creates a whole new dynamic to the game where you get to create super powerful turret combos that deal great damage to foes.

Other Game Features

King of Defense Battle Frontier game has free daily gifts every time you login. Therefore, ensure to claim them. You also get gems after finishing a level. Also, there is the option to double your rewards at the end of a mission by watching a video ad.

Heroes of this game can receive an upgrade through the use of points. Once improved, they will be stronger and deal significant damage.

The game also has different types of terrains, forests, desserts and cold lands. Additionally, the monsters are diverse and you need to use different battle techniques for each one.

The players of this game have a variety of strategic options to come up with and use. Therefore, let the warrior in your out and use every imaginable tactical move to your advantage.

Tips & Tricks for Playing King of Defense Battle Frontier on PC

  • Finish Quests

The game of King of Defense Battle Frontier has many quests divided into various types. They include hero, battle, item and stage missions. Complete them successfully, and you will get rewards, which are beneficial to you in the game. For instance, when you defeat a certain number of enemies or the main boss, you unlock XP, diamonds and arrow heads.

  • Upgrades the Towers

Combining towers is not the only way to make them more powerful. Their main purpose is to deal damage to the foes. You can also level-up turrets. It is essential to do that because your towers are able to attack more enemies as they rank up. For example, a level two tower can attack two enemies at the same time. Similarly, raising it to level three increases the tower’s attacking capability to three.

  • Increase Your Soldier’s Health

In the game of King of Defense Battle Frontier you can increase the health of your soldiers and their damage capability. As a result, they will be stronger and inflict more damage to the enemies.

  • Increase the Cannon Powder

When you increase the powder in the cannons, they will be able to deal more damage to the invaders. After doing this, you can then fire the bombard cannon ball towards the enemies and detonate, thereby injuring the surrounding foes.


About King Of Defense: Battle Frontier (Merge TD):

King of Defense Battle Frontier is a tower building game and a development of GCentre suitable for both Android and iOS devices. You are the commander of your army and the aim is to stop the enemy from invading your home. Towers are the main point of defense and there are four main types. Combination of towers and soldiers will deal significant damage to the foes. Complete stages, quests, claim daily gifts and watch ad videos to claim rewards, which useful in taking further in the game. The game keeps you engaged with the diverse monsters and a variety of strategic game play options. There are also different battle field terrains available in the game.

Developer: GCenter
Download: Android or iOS

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