King Crusher – a Roguelike Game: The Best Tips and Tricks

Complete Achievements to Get Rewards

Just like any other game, King Crusher – a Roguelike Game also has a variety of achievements that should be completed. Every level comes with three achievements that should be completed. You will earn a star. All achievements will give you a three-star rating. You will be rewarded with many gems that will propel you to other levels or come on handy during various states of the game. Ensure you read what the achievements entail before competing them. This way, you will know what to look out for.

Watch an Ad

This will automatically double your gems. After some fights, you will have the option to watch some ads. However, it may not be worth watching an ad if you only complete one or two achievements. But then again, they are your gems. You can do whatever you want with them!

Know Where to Move

King Crusher – a Roguelike Game is just like a slide puzzle with massive pieces. You will need to slide your pieces back and forth but this is not mandatory in all of the fights. There are times when you will face serious opponents who fight hard. Learn how to dodge their skills because they can really destroy your fighters.

Assemble the Right Team

There are twelve classes that you can choose your heroes from. Yes, you have a diverse variety! The rarer your team is, the better it will be against the enemies. Ensure that your team has diverse skills so that you can have an ace up your opponent.

Choose Wisely During Events

When you battle, you will not only encounter bosses and monsters but you will also come across various events. Once you do, you will encounter the following options:
a) Battle a monster for some coins
b) Pass through a tile without any monster encounters
c) Roll dice and be rewarded
d) Leave
While you can choose any of these options, it is best to leave the event. However, if you need to complete some achievements then you should choose any of the options.

Open the Treasure Box

Here, you will find a variety of gems. A big, mysterious treasure chest lies next to the king’s throne. Find the chest, explore what is inside it and you just may find Manu rewards and gems that will be useful when you are playing in the game.

Know the Attack Patterns of the Monsters and Bosses

Different monsters and bosses have a variety of attack patterns. Anytime toy fight, you will be on a three by three tileset that will not change throughout the game. There are obstacles that will appear as you play making things more complicated as you play. Even so, the tiles will never change. First, assess tour environment and then go into the fights. Here, you will need to quickly study your opponents and the moves they make. Yes, it may sound like too much to do but once you know what they will do, you will know how to counter.