King Arthur On Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (Gameplay)

Download and Play “King Arthur” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

A Combat Game Like No Other

King Arthur is a game that instantly tells a story of a fighting spirit, redemption, and motivation. As soon as you come face to face with this game you will realize that it is a brilliant retelling of how Arthur became the king of England. However, it is not a horror game that reveals the horrors of the medieval warfare, instead, it is an action-filled game that is fun and consistently interesting.

This game will surprisingly exceed all of your expectations. Unlike many similar games before it, many players have managed to make King Arthur an early morning norm and a late night session. The supreme strategy game is not only rich with incident and detail, it will also pull on all of your emotional strings.

The Noteworthy Changes

While you may remember the King Arthur story, your playing experience will be highly different. You will realize that the game has gone out of its way to make necessary changes that will allow you to connect with the character on a deeper level.

For instance, the game is centered on Gameloft instead of Washington, features Excalibur instead of muskets and the founding fathers have taken the place of the Round Table. Although the ideas have been taken from the total war series, the game also finds ways to showcase its uniqueness. It is also easy to Download King Arthur For PC.

Good Alternative to Total War Games

King Arthur is a well-structured game that will blow you away with its heroes and their quests or even its dynamic seasons. The multiplayer campaign, quality of the action and optimally balanced troops make it truly one of a kind. It is head and shoulders above many of its competitors. The gameplay is solid and the setting, well-developed. Needless to say, this game is indeed the whole package.

A Mix of Role Playing and Real-time Strategy

King Arthur is a role playing game that also offers a decent combination of real-time strategy. It offers exciting things to look forward to both on the real-time and strategic side of the fence.

The basic gameplay may be reminiscent of the Total War series but this does not take anything away from the game’s originality. As with all other war games, the strategic component should be familiar.

You will spend most of your time building armies, shuffling them around, attacking rivals and expanding your territory. Running your empire is a straightforward system that you will appreciate.

Oh, Hail King Arthur!

Your character is King Arthur himself (in the single player campaign). Although the game has a multiplayer mode, the meat of the action lies in the former. You have the hefty task of conquering Britain by using a number of tactical moves.

You will be required to head to town and recruit new soldiers who will take on the role of spearmen, axemen, and Calvary among others. It is also essential to manage the economy by looking after the assigned food and gold.

Go to Battle

If you Download King Arthur For PC, you will also be captivated by the battles and all that they have to offer. The battles on King Arthur are no different from what you have experienced in other strategy games.

The action takes place in a real-time battlefield where you will be able to deploy your soldiers using basic commands. All the battle fields have key strategic spots that when captured boost your overall army morale.

Good balance between the armies and enemies elevate the game’s level of fun and excitement. King Arthur puts all of the role playing aspects second to the strategic aspects. This could only mean that the game will redefine combat as you know it!

Tips and Tricks For Playing King Arthur

Looking for ways to get ahead in this action-packed game? Check out the following tips and tricks:

• Keep all your enemies close
From time to time, the enemies may wiggle out of view. Ensure that they are all within view so that you can react properly to their attacks. Otherwise, they may take cheap shots at you, dampening your whole gameplay and strategy.

• Keep the enemies apart
Apart from keeping your enemies within range, it is equally important to keep them apart. Although this may be time-consuming, it will enable you to attack only the right enemies. By maintaining decent spaces between the enemies, there will not be any instances of target switching.

• Break the defense
By using a jump kick (right+left+up), tornado kick (left+right+up) and overhead elbow strike (left+right+down), you will find it easy to break an enemy’s line of defense.

• Practice patience when targeting
Targeting is no easy task. If the enemies are not within proper view, you will not be able to target them appropriately. Also, do not rush when making targets. Be patient to avoid making mistakes like targeting the wrong opponent. Focus on the center so that you could have a better chance of targeting.

• Start with the story mode
The game has a story mode that is able to walk you through the encounters easily. When playing through this mode, you will learn more about King Arthur and also have a good grasp of the game’s mechanics.

• Dodge and counter
The best way to defend yourself against an opponent is by the use of counter-attacks. This will allow you to dish out damage without receiving any damage in return. All you have to do is dodge and swipe your opponent when they are about to attack.

About King Arthur:

Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Download: Android and iOS