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How to play Keep Bounce on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Shoot Bouncy Balls

If you are looking for a game that can keep you busy when idle, Dopuz Games have developed one for just that. Consider playing Keep Bounce on PC or the default mobile version to kill your free time. The beauty about Keep Bounce is that you get over a dozen games to play. One of the three main game modes involves bouncing balls on 2-D blocks that come in all kinds of shapes. You’ll be launching balls to hit the blocks and clear them before they advance to your aiming spot. The blocks also have a digit indication at the center. This number represents the number of hits it takes to make the shapes disappear. The Shoot Mode mini-game is a bit different. You will try to land balls on a rotating wheel. The balls attach to the wheel like pendulums. If the balls touch, you’re out.

Solve Puzzles

Puzzles make the second main game mode in the Keep Bounce collection. In the Hex puzzles, there are four games that involve sliding five-sided tiles on a grid. Each game may have a unique style of play. However, goals range from matching tile colors to making different puzzle pieces fit together. You can also play the Drag Mode mini-game to match square tiles of burst similar colored blocks of tiles in Pop Jewels. And, if you have a knack for arithmetic, try your hand at the Legend of Numbers puzzle.

Jump and Flip

The third game mode in Keep Bounce involves flipping and jumping. There are two games in this category. The first one is Keep Jump, which involves trying to flip what appears like a chess piece and land it onto an adjacent block. The distance between landing blocks may increase or reduce, which keeps the game challenging. The second game, Stack Jump, will test your reflexes. Blocks keep sliding from either the left or right side of the screen. You must tap or click the cute kitty to jump at the right time and let the blocks stack. Time your jumps poorly and you will get knocked off the stack.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Keep Bounce Games

Whether you choose to play Keep Bounce on PC or mobile, there are lots of fun and addictive games to keep you entertained. You will unlock new levels with each completed challenge. Below are some quick tips to keep in mind when playing Keep Bounce games.

• Watch Video Ads
If you fail in some of the challenges, the game sometimes offers an opportunity to watch free video ads. There is usually a reward for watching the short ads clips. The videos may offer a chance of revival and get you back in the game or you might win free gold coins.

• Collect Gold
In addition to watching video ads, you can collect gold by winning games that offer gold as a reward. Snake vs. Bricks is one such example, where you will not only be trying to set a high score but also earn gold coins for playing. You can exchange gold for new game skins or get a chance at revival after failing in some of the challenges.

• Leverage Rebounds
When playing the bouncing games, launch balls strategically. For instance, aim at angles that will bounce back the balls onto other blocks. This will maximize your hits and help you clear out blocks fast with fewer shots.


About Keep Bounce:

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