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Download and Play “Jurassic Survival” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

As a free survival game, Jurassic Survival puts you on the spot. Your objective here is to survive by all means. If not, you will, unfortunately, turn into prey in this cruel world. The game starts off when you wake up on the wet ground with no idea about what happened. With no one to show you the way, your only hope is to have a creative mind that will lead you from one place to another. The game offers a mishmash of everything including unfriendly beasts, dinosaurs and the wild nature at large.

Every scenario in the game brings something new and exciting. You have to be careful with each move that you make and be creative at all costs. The combination of fresh and innovative surroundings, together with the need to get ahead makes Jurassic Survival a game that is one of a kind. You can also Download Jurassic Survival for PC and you will never experience any moment of boredom. Experience the joys of a game that is highly entertaining and engaging, it is important to use all tricks necessary to get ahead. These include:

· Understand the goal of the game
Jurassic Survival is all about leveling up to unlock blueprints that can be used to destroy dinosaurs. Worry not! You will be able to gain an abundance of experience when you cut trees, grab bushes, gather, mine and indulge in a variety of other tasks. There is no time to slack as far as this game is concerned. You will get more experience by fighting dinosaurs as well as other players.

· Lay a good foundation for your house
In the beginning, you will be able to build a house for your protection and that of the essential items that you craft. The best way to build a reliable house is by first laying a bamboo floor then ensuring that your walls and doors are strong enough. Treat your home as a castle because it is your fortress of protection at all times.

Jurassic Survival

· Store everything in a chest
Make one wrong move and you can easily die in this game. It is common to run out of food and water easily just by taking part in a few tasks, therefore, have a chest where you can easily store items to avoid running back and forth. Whenever you move around, you have to rely on even more food and water. The trick is to go as far as you can without food and water. However, do not go too far as to die. When you get to this point, head back before running out of these two must-haves.

Jurassic Survival

· Craft everything
Use the action button to craft all the essential items in Jurassic Survival. Collect wood for building a small house and only choose the house icon if you are sure of the safety level in the area. Otherwise, you may be easily attacked.

· Take note of the predators
Jurassic Survival is filled with life-threatening predators. They are everywhere! Always be on alert to avoid getting attacked easily. Do not wait for permission to kill the prey. Remember, kill first or be killed. This is the best way to ensure that you remain alive.

Jurassic Survival predators

· Join clans to be a more effective fighter
As dinosaurs hunt in packs, it may be challenging to take them down all by yourself. Chances are, you will fail miserably at this. Therefore, just as these animals travel in packs, it is also best to join forces with other players. You will be able to defeat the threats more easily if you are united with others.

· Explore new areas as much as you can
The mangrove jungles are not a friendly place. But even so, it is best to have an ace up your sleeve by finding out everything that is hidden within the jungles. This is the easiest way to maneuver without putting yourself in danger.

· Be well-informed
Information is a highly valuable resource in this game. It is easier to fight the enemy if you know exactly how they behave. When you Download Jurassic Survival for PC, you will be able to use chat to communicate and share the experience with all other hunters. This will also help you to polish up on your playing skills.

· Pause the game app occasionally
It is only expected for your food and water level to go down whenever you are playing the game. Even when you close the app and resume your normal phone function, the level will still reduce. Ultimately, this will result in death. The only way to maneuver this is by pausing the game app for a while. This can be done by leaving the map area.

· Watch your hunger and health levels closely
Keeping an eye on these levels will help you to prepare for the worst. When the hunger or health levels shows you a warning sign, it would be the right time to prepare a meal look for something to eat.

· Double tap to move items
Moving boxes around can be time-consuming, especially if you drag them across the screen. As such, you should double tap to move any items around.

· Watch out for other players
The second you come across other players in the surrounding areas, prepare to defend yourself. These players can spawn randomly and they will immediately start attacking. Always be on alert, otherwise, you may be killed in an instant.

· Never give up
The kind of difficulties that you may face in Jurassic Survival may simply make you want to give up, especially if you do not get far through the levels. The lack of food, water, and never-ending hypothermia will not leave you any chances. Forge ahead and better your playing skills; the last thing you want to do is give up. True survivors always stick it out.

It is important to remember that everything you do in Jurassic Survival has consequences. Make the wrong move and you may suffer
fatal results. While your neighbor shared food with you yesterday, he may kill you tomorrow to better their chances of survival. However, if you master the right playing skills, you will always have a blast in this mangrove jungle.

About Jurassic Survival:

Developer: Mishka Production
Download: Android and iOS