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How to play Jumanji: The Mobile Game on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
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From The Movie to the Board Game

Welcome to the Jungle! If you enjoyed Jumanji, the movie (inevitably so) then you will certainly get a kick out of Jumanji: The Mobile Game. As an adaption of a blockbuster movie, the game will take a bunch of genres and mask them together, coming up with something thrilling and entertaining, all for your enjoyment.

If you thought that this mobile game will turn out to be another uninspired money-grab, then prepare to be delightfully surprised! Needless to say, it is exactly what you have always needed to spice up all your moments of boredom.

Get Aboard On the Board

Right from the game’s tutorial, you will get the sense that this is going to be a board game. It adopts a totally different scenery than that which we see in the movie. It comprises of 13 tiles and divided into 3 zones of 3 to 4 tiles. By rolling a pair of dice, you will get ready to contract a base. The same rules also apply to your opponent.

Play to Win

The game can be won by Monopoly, bankruptcy or by having the most amount of money at the end of 12 rounds. By capturing an entire
region and building bases on the tiles, you will be able to win using Monopoly. On the other hand, bankruptcy is really self-explanatory. This means winning when your opponent runs out of money.

Master the Cards

This is where Jumanji gets interesting- you start each game with a deck of five cards. Whenever you land on a tile, you will get to use the cards which range from things like rope traps that will capture your opponents to landmines that will allow you to steal their money. The cards can also boost your attack and buff up your strength.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Jumanji: The Mobile Game

As previously discussed, Jumanji is a mash-up of fun and entertaining ideas that will keep you occupied in the best ways use these tips and tricks to conquer your opponents

· Know How to Win

Bankruptcy, monopoly or have the most gold coffers when you get to 12 rounds …. These are the ultimate ways to win Jumanji. It is
advisable to have a winning target in mind.

· Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade!

The more you upgrade your cards, the stronger you will become. Pick one character and build them up as you play.

· Put all Your Skills to Use

Your deck of cards will let you use different skills. Therefore, do not throw them all out at the start, save them for later.

· Buy When You Land

Even if you do not want to win through monopoly, once you land on a square, buy it. This opens up more chances for fights.

All Jumanji movie fans will appreciate the diversity that this game offers.Strangers of this world will also find it sufficiently interesting. We are talking inbox, rewards, quests, daily drops, rankings and so much more, all from the comfort of your phone. Players can also stay connected with friends and rivals in Jumanji. Sounds easy and interesting, doesn’t it?

About Jumanji: The Mobile Game:

Developer: NHN Entertainment Corp.
Download: Android and iOS