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Relaxing Casual Game

For anyone in search of casual games that offer relaxing experiences after a long stressful day, It’s Literally Just Mowing might be what you need. Well, the title of this game is quite a mouthful, but it describes exactly what you will be doing. It’s literally about mowing lawns, and that’s it!

In the game, you drive along a street and approach lovely houses with lush but overgrown lawns. Your task is to trim the grass and move on to the next lot. Your mower moves in a straight line, leaving a trail of trimmed grass behind it.

Players also progress to work on bigger properties in later stages. For instance, you may find yourself working in a stadium or public park.

Controlling the lawnmower is easy because all you have to do is swipe in the direction you want it to move. Although there is no reverse function, the driving controls feel very intuitive.

You can download this game on the app store or Google Play, but if you want to experience it on larger screens, consider playing It’s Literally Just Mowing on PC. Whatever device you select, the game offers a Zen-like kind of experience that’s quite relaxing. There is something about trimming patches of grass that gives you an endorphin rush. Perhaps it is when you get to see your perfect work after following a pattern and leaving behind neat, well-trimmed lawns that are pleasing to the eye.

Become a Member of the IMG

Tinytown has plenty of properties with overgrown grass. So, that is where your adventure in this game starts. You emerge as a hero determined to leave not even a single swath of grass untrimmed.

Players can choose two characters as the game starts. Marv likes lazy afternoons and supporting his local sports team. On the other hand, Maisie is an avid gardener who loves crime novels and mango gelato. Both of them have a passion for cutting grass, and later on, they manage to get an invitation to join the International Mowers Guild (IMG).

The IMG promotes your character when you fill-up the progress bar on the membership card. You also receive a hat/cap as recognition for your efforts. With a higher IMG rank, you will be able to work on bigger lawns and earn better rewards.

Customize Your Mower

Another fun part of playing It’s Literally Just Mowing on PC or mobile is when you get to customize your machine with new parts. First, you need to earn toolboxes before you can customize your lawnmower. These loot chests are available as rewards when you finish the various levels.

Although the parts that you get do not boost the performance of your mower in any way, they sure do make it look a whole lot cooler. You can expect to customize your machine with new a new seat, steering wheel, body, cutter, or better-looking wheels.

Tips & Tricks for Playing It’s Literally Just Mowing on PC

  • Turn on Reminders

When you win new parts for your mower, they will come in a toolbox. However, it can take up to three hours later to unlock. If you would like to get a notification when toolboxes are ready for opening, then make sure to turn on reminders from the game’s settings. For players who tend to be forgetful, this function will certainly come in handy.

  • Speed Up Tool Box Unlocking

Although it can take several hours for a toolbox to unlock, you don’t have to wait that long. It is also possible to speed up the unlocking process. All you have to do is spend red gems, and the toolbox will open instantly.

  • Save Gems for Better Rewards

If you have good patience, a better strategy would be to save up your gems and use this premium in-game currency to buy toolboxes from the shop. Besides adding to your collection of parts, you also get a chance to open rare toolboxes by using this approach.

  • Collect Butterflies

When you are mowing grass, you may encounter floating balls that glow. Tap on these whimsical orbs, and you will be able to spot a new butterfly in the gardens and put in your photo album. The record book even has short descriptions that can help you learn about different critters. But, more importantly, encountering a butterfly species that you had already found earlier earns you one more gem.

  • Remove Ads

Being a free-to-play game, It’s Literally Just Mowing will regularly allow ads to pop-up as you play the game. While this can be quite annoying, it helps to support the developers of the game. You can also show your appreciation by removing ads with a one-time payment of $4.99. It’s an optional in-app purchase that not only removes ads permanently but also rewards you with up to 2,500 gems for buying loot boxes.


About It’s Literally Just Mowing:

It’s Literally Just Mowing provides a relaxing gaming experience where you don’t have to stress over cut-throat competition. As the name implies, this is a game is simply about mowing lawns. There are no timers, puzzles, or high scores to break. It’s literally just mowing. You will drive the mower in straight lines, maneuvering it around the lot to trim every last swath of grass. Become Tinytown’s landscaping hero by mowing all the overgrown lawns to bring out the beauty of charming houses and their decorative gardens. What’s more, you get to climb the ranks as a professional landscaper, upgrade your mower with new parts, and snap photos of charming butterflies.

Developer: Protostar
Download: Android or iOS

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