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How to play Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Can You Find True Love?

Is it true? Is it love? This is the question that you will constantly ask yourself when you play Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital on PC. When as the last time you played a game that was all about love? When did adrenaline and jitters all run through our body because you are wondering whether you matched a number of couples in the right way when playing a game? Well, is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital on PC will open you up your word and fill it with loving possibilities only in the way that it can.

A Medical Drama Universe

As part of the “Is it Love?” collection, you can be sure that Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital on PC has nothing but good things in store for you. The game is free, interactive and definitely one that you would want to play. The story goes like this:  You are a first-year medical resident in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the West Coast. Of course, you are sure that this is an opportunity that will only come once in life. Therefore, there is no way that you can afford to make any mistakes. You are prepared to deal with life and death situations but the reality of it scares you. However, your determination will not let you stand down. You will be a dedicated resident, jolly with the rest of our colleagues and when you build strong bonds with them, you may even find love!

A Whole New World

Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital goes out of its way to introduce you to a whole, new universe. Just like your favorite TV dramas, two new episodes will be released every two weeks- on a continuous basis. As such, the game is a mystery drama that will unravel as time goes by. It is great because it gives you the opportunity to assume the role of any of your favorite drama TV show characters, the story is fluid and comes from a visual novel. The fact that you will handle medical emergencies and find love at the same time is truly exciting.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital on PC

• Know all the Characters

Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital on PC is compared to a TV drama show. And just like every show has different characters, so does the game. Take time to learn about all of the characters who appear in this game. Learn their traits and find out who is the best among them. This information will come in handy during later stages of the game.

• Upgrade Your Skills

Every good doctor needs a particular set of skills that will make them competent and capable enough to make decisions on people’s lives. Ensure that you upgrade your skills as you play in order to have better chances of getting to the end. This will also help you to stand out of the crowd.


About Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital:

Developer: 1492 Studio
Download: Android and iOS

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