It is often difficult to transfer data from one device to another, especially because iOS applications do not work in tandem with Windows. If you face such difficulties, then this is the perfect article for you.

After reading it, you will be able to run iOS apps on your Windows computer. This will enable you to enjoy your favorite games as well as use the iOS applications that you have always wanted to run on a bigger screen.

With the growing number of online searches that are directed towards, “how to run iOS apps on Window”, it is only befitting to choose a reliable emulator. Needless to say, Ipadian is the best solution. Even though Android emulators still lead the race, Ipadian is certainly following closely in its heels.

What Is Ipadian?

Ipadian is considered a simulator more than an emulator. While an emulator replicates the usage as on an original device, a simulator mimics the activity of something that it is simulating. Ipadian is a widely known application that mirrors the iOS interface on a Microsoft Windows computer.

It simply overlays itself on your desktop and as such, requires no installation. Ipadian does not allow you to access the iOS store, instead, it only runs apps which are specifically designed for it.

While there are quite a few uses of simulators, running applications, and playing games are the very best of uses. As such, you can be certain that Ipadian is well-suited for you.

Ipadian Features

Available in both a free and paid version, this simulator is perfect for your Windows device. Its high level of app compatibility is a clear indicator that it will meet you at your point of needs. It has an inviting user interface and gives you the feel of an iPad on Android and Windows products.

Ipadian works with applications such as Instagram, Spotify, Kik Messenger, Facebook, Whatsapp and games like Clash of Clans and Cut the Rope. In total, the simulator comprises of 21 networking applications.

Other features include:

• Full-screen mode: This allows for fast access to your desktop
• Customer app: This feature is found in the iPad personalized store referred to as Customer App Store
• Games in PC: The Ipadian Offline Installer allows you to select your favorite game in iPad and enjoy it on the big screen. It also lets you enjoy free videos and music
• Notifications: These will be automatically visible on your personal computer
• Controls: This system allows you to access a variety of applications

Where Can I Find The Ipadian Offline Installer?

The office installer is simply a practical model of an iPad that allows you to experiment with Ipadian’s user interface. Designed for touch, the iPad is designed to change your Windows computer into a device. It only takes a bit of research and digging to find the perfect offline

How to Download and Install Ipadian

Before installing this simulator, it is important to have a reliable anti-virus such as Kaspersky or Bitdefender running on your computer. This will guarantee security at all times. Also, use a software like a Sandbox that automatically isolates technology to minimize the risk the
programs may cause to your computer. Visit the Ipadian website to download the simulator and click “yes” on all installation instructions. In no time, the simulator will end up on your Windows and display a variety of features.

How to Use Ipadian to Run iOS on Your Window

After the download and installation process, the simulator emerges on your screen in Full-screen mode. Ipadian comes with a set of pre-installed applications like Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, Facebook and more.

When the app is launched, it functions like it would on an iPad. To go to Windows, select the Windows button. When you start an app, you will find two navigation bars that will allow you to switch between the apps effortlessly. Simply browse through the store and install your preferred apps on the simulator.

How to Download and Install Apps on Ipadian

• Visit the Ipadian website and go through the application
• Click on “download” once you find an application you like
• Open the Ipadian setup to open the Setup Wizard and click “net” to continue the installation. This will download the software on your computer
• Now that the software is installed, it will be easy to run apps on your PC
• Open Ipadian and visit the “app store” on the dashboard. Search for the app that you prefer
• Once downloaded, you will see the icon of the application in Ipadian. It is now ready to use!