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How to play Invictus: Lost Soul on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Rise to Become the Ultimate Knight

If you love action-packed fighting games, you will adore the Invictus: Lost Soul game by Accura Corporation. Set in medieval times complete with huge arenas, knight attire, Pre-Romanesque architecture, and sword fighting action, the game is awesome on many levels. You play a Knight on a vengeance mission to take down a terrible villain who has slain many people. The fighters in this game don stunning armor. To make it even more fun, you can create your character by choosing a name, gender, complexion, eye color, and hairstyle.

Gear up to Face Damon Kane

The game starts in a place called ‘Valliant’s Valle’ where scores of people died by the hand of an evil warlord by the name Damon Kane. The reason you picked up your sword is to find Damon and take revenge for the lives that were lost. However, getting this revenge will hardly be a walk in the park.

First off, Damon is a fierce warrior so you will need to be a proficient fighter to take him down in a fight. Secondly, Damon has a host of minions who will run interference for their master. So, you will have to slash your way through plenty of enemies to get to your ultimate target.

Your fighting journey will take you through different dimensions. From the fiery Valiant’s Valle to the ice on Viking River, every realm has a charm of its own. But, fierce battles will take place in every location, be it the shadows of Dead Dragon’s bones, the hell of Inferno, or the strange Cyberworld.

On the bright side, the constant fighting will help you improve on your combat skills for when you finally face off with Damon. Winning these fights will also earn you skill cards, combat gear as well as currency rewards that you can use to upgrade your sword and armor.

Plan for Combat in Advance

One charming thing about this Invictus: Lost Soul game is an unusual set of controls. There are no buttons to press, joystick to maneuver, or icons to tap. Instead, players control fighters via a deck of cards that line up at the bottom right side of the screen during play. Simply select a card and your character will unleash a series of strike or block moves. Each card has a specific use. Red cards deliver attacks, Blue cards are for protecting against attacks, and Green cards restore a character’s energy. You need to build a good deck before going to battle, which calls for using tactfully sound fighting strategies. Therefore, you always need to think things through and anticipate your opponents’ moves.


Tips & Tricks for Playing Invictus: Lost Soul Game on PC

  • Buy Upgrades

It is essential to acquire upgrades because the game gets harder the more you play. Upgrading the offensive and defensive qualities of your skill cards will make your fighters better. So, don’t be reluctant to spend your gold on upgrades. 

  • Collect Spoils of War

With every enemy you slay when playing Invictus: Lost Soul, you won’t go empty-handed. Those who emerge victorious get to claim the spoils of war. From gemstones to gold coins to diamonds, treasures are up for grabs. So, try as much as possible to win every round.

  • Fight as much as Possible

You will need all the practice you can get to fight Damon as well as a solid armor that will absorb most of the force from his attacks. Losses in the game often go both ways. Take on all the characters in the game by playing through the different levels and do a bit of online fighting on the side. The latter will go a long way in helping improve your combat skills since you will be fighting against real players just like you who have advanced far in the game.

  • Have a bit of Fun

But you do not have to go it alone. You have the option of joining a clan and jumping into clan tournaments. It is a fun way to unwind from the pressures of the game. What’s more, taking part in clan tournaments will win you prizes plus glory for yourself and clanmates.


About Invictus: Lost Soul:

Invictus: Lost Soul is a fantastic card-based combat centric action adventure game in its right. It should come with a warning sign that reads “HIGHLY ADDICTIVE” because once you start playing, you will not be able to stop. The storyline is one we can all get behind and the audio-visual effects are flawless. One thing to note though is that the game relies heavily on an Internet connection. If you are working with a low-speed internet connection, gameplay will become sluggish and tapping on cards will not produce real-time responses. Should you disconnect during play, you automatically lose the level you are playing as well as your hard-earned points.

Developer: Accura Corporation Co., Ltd.
Download: Android or iOS

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