Instagram on your PC (Windows) or Mac

Created exclusively for a mobile phone, Instagram have become one of the favorite apps for all the people that love to take photos or videos and share them with friends over the Internet. If you are one of those persons you will probably be disappointed to find out that there is no way to move your loved tool to your computer, but actually there are few tricks that you can use to install and run Instagram on your PC (Windows) or Mac.

The power of Instagram

It really does not matter if you have it on your mobile phone or you have Instagram on your PC (Windows) or Mac, you cannot deny the useful features that this app offers. Not only it allows you to share the pictures and videos on your phone but also to enhance them and add cool effects and make the more entertaining. Twitter, Google + or Facebook – just pick your favorite social network and post your art there for everyone to admire. You can turn every selfie into a dream art project just by using one simple app.

The long road to success

There are many solutions and workarounds if you are not sure if you want to install Instagram on your PC (Windows) or Mac. You can always use the power of email – just edit your pictures on your computer, use all your favorite photo editing programs and then mail the final result to yourself. Accessing your e-mail from your phone will allow you to share your photos via Instagram.
Another solution is to use the services of Dropbox or another cloud-based storage app. Just upload all your photos that are not on your mobile phone in the cloud and access them through your mobile phone. Choosing this option will not allow you to use filters but sill you will share them.

How to translate Instagram for a desktop

For whatever reason, the brains behind Instagram never bothered to transform their platform for a computer. Of course, this does not mean that you will never be able to install Instagram on your PC (Windows) or Mac, you just have to do a little extra work in order to use all the advantages that a computer holds over a mobile phone. For those of you that still like to use a keyboard and a mouse, there are such little helpers known as Android emulators. Their job is to convert software form mobile to desktop platform and one obvious choice for emulator is Andy. Andy will give you a full access to your favorite Instagram on your PC.

Download Instagram for free on your PC

Here are few steps that you have to make in order to enjoy Instagram on your home computer:
Step 1: The very first thing you have to do is to prepare the emulator that will convert your app from mobile to PC. So, download and install Andy as you make sure that the virtualization in your BIOS settings is enabled and you have the latest drivers for your video card installed.
Step 2: Second step is to complete the signup procedure.
Step 3: Launch the Google Play Store App and look up for Instagram app. When you find it just install it.
Step 4: Once installed, the Instagram for PC application is ready to use.