Infinite Lagrange for PC – Download & Install on Windows / Mac

Leading in the New Era

In the epic strategy game Infinite Lagrange, a new era has dawned in space. There are bountiful interstellar frontiers in the galaxy to discover. From your little corner in the milk way, the game challenges you to be a leader. Be prepared to step into the unknown as you explore what lies in the vast intergalactic space.

Your adventure starts with forming a faction, giving it a name, and designing your emblem. After this, you pick a region in the new world to settle in and create a home base.

You will start with a few ships. However, along the way, you will build many more at the Capital Ship Yard. There are different types of ship fleets for various functions. The utility ships collect resources while combat fleets go into battle. You have endless opportunities to expand and grow in this massively multiplayer online game.

Surviving in Space

Once you have chosen your camp area in Infinite Lagrange, expansion and growth can commence. You will have a perimeter operation area, from where you will deploy ships to battle and gather resources. Also, this is the place your battleships come to for repair and refilling. Resources are stored here, but it is prudent to diversify storage to an outpost to keep them safe from invaders.

The Capital Ship Yard is where you build your ships in your home base. There are many types of vessels with various functions. For example, utility ships search and gather resources from the space dust and surrounding planetary and stellar areas. Upgrading the Capital Ship Yard will give you more room to build many ships. Each battleship is unique and has specific attributes.

Progressing in the game gives you the ability to send out different fleets to do various missions. Technology helps you level up your ship’s weapons, and research with tech files will unlock many nodes. By doing research, you will gain tech points, which improves the performance of your ships. When your combat fleets are doing well in battle, you are safe. Also, you will earn rewards like blueprints and combat microchips for free experience.

When you need a break from fighting, you can switch on the “peace shield” feature. Consequently, you will go for 48 hours without being invaded or going into battle.

Managing Your Home Base

Resources, shipbuilding, being a part of a union, and managing your money are some of the tools you will need to expand in your galaxy headquarters. Metal, crystal, and deuterium are the primary resources. Deuterium is the ships’ fuel. Therefore, you will require a lot of this commodity. On the other hand, metal is for building structures and vessels.

Your home base divides into three areas, central, port, and industrial sections. Central is where your fleets get commands. Upon upgrading this section, command giving also advances and becomes better. Also, you will be able to exchange recourse with friends, especially when you have more of one type and lack another.

At the port, you will increase your various ships’ capacity. Building and repair of the ships take place in the industrial district.

Players have several options to choose from when building the utility shuttle. Big vessels are more suitable in large resource areas and tiny ones for small reserves. On the other hand, military ships work best when small, enabling them to move faster and quicker in battle.

In-game currency purchases various things. Playing the game will earn you eCoins and Proxima coins (which you also can obtain from convention from the premium Chu-coins money).

Additionally, you can purchase tech files using research points. It is possible to double your money by using the dawn financial plan by buying packages. The offer generally applies to Proxima coins. For instance, if you invest 600 coins for 15 days, you will claim an income of 1500. You can buy one offer at a time and later renew with the same or another type. Plus, if you purchase these packages regularly, you will not need to buy in-app. This 3D game is available in the Google play store for downloading.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Infinite Lagrange on PC

• Save on Time

In the Infinite Lagrange game, you can save time on some activities to concentrate on other more important things. For instance, you can use the “speed-up” feature to quickly complete the construction of structures like the Capital Ship Yard, and prefab modules accelerate the building of ships.

• Complete Quests

There are numerous tasks in this game requiring your attention. Make sure to head into the mission icon to pick which ones will get priority. They come in three categories, namely main missions, quests, and rally attacks. Finishing all of them will give you maximum rewards.

• Prevent Invasions

Invasions are common in the world of Infinite Lagrange. Invaders mainly come to plunder your resources and take over your home base. As a result, it is essential to intercept and thwart them. They can come in many forms. An example is the privateer fleets. Sending your battleship and fighting troops is the only way to put an end to invasions.

• Make Allies

Unions are the equivalent of guilds in this game. Ensure to join one because this will help you in fighting the invading fleets. Also, you will share resources and spoils from battle. Together with your buddies, you can expand your reach in the galaxy and become formidable to foes. Plus, being in an alliance opens up to the advantage of exploring and expanding into other star systems.

How to play

How to play Infinite Lagrange on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Infinite Lagrange Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Infinite Lagrange on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Infinite Lagrange:

Infinite Lagrange is a massively multiplayer strategy online game with a space warfare theme. The galaxy offers new frontiers for exploration. In these unexplored regions, your imagination and creativity will run wild. Once you pick a headquarters base, you embark on building ships, commanding fleets, and deploying them. Some vessels gather resources while the military ones go into battle to protect you from your foes. Many quests await where you get to claim rewards such as tech files, various in-game currencies, EXP, metal, crystal, and deuterium. Allies help you in battle, explore and expand in other star systems, and share resources. The game has a lot to keep you busy and glued to your device and the graphics are amazing.

Developer: Netease Games Global
Download: Android or iOS

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