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Crime Mob RPG

If you fantasize about living the “thug life”, I’m The Boss is one mobile game that offers that kind of experience. This role-playing game (RPG) plunges you into the underworld of organized crime. You start as a mob boss of a small-time gang who is trying to grow his empire. To accomplish this, you start by recruiting new gang members off the streets. You will spill blood for territory and resources. For even greater influence, you can start a family with a bevy of lovers in your sprawling mansion. Immerse yourself in this fantasy world by playing I’m The Boss on PC or Android.

Story Centric Features

The storyline in I’m the Boss is based on the son of a deceased crime lord. In this role, you ran away and go into hiding after the assassination of your father. Uncle Frank, the best friend to your father, takes you under his wing and teaches you everything about the underworld. After growing up, you inherit a crime empire and decide to first avenge your father’s death. While managing and expanding your turf, you will meet and recruit all kinds of thugs that used to work for your father. Get taken away by the story as you play I’m The Boss on PC. Cut-scenes that depict conversations with comic-style graphics make it very easy for you to understand what is happening as events unfold.

Decision-based Gameplay

In addition to the immersive storyline, I’m The Boss also treats players to strategy-based gameplay. In some scenes, recruits will start a conversation seeking instructions. The game presents you with decision options that will influence the direction your story takes. The choices you make will affect your family’s future. So, you have to be smart and make choices that will bolster your rank with loyal companions.

Tips and Tricks for Playing I’m the Boss

• Speed Up the Game
Did you have to reset the game and now must start from scratch? Fret not as you can make faster progress by skipping dialogues. Keep in mind though that this is not recommended if you are to the game. The dialogue scenes provide the backstory to help novice players know what this game is all about.

• Upgrade Mobster Attributes
Your mobster character and other gang members have talents such as charisma, business, force, and specialty, just to name a few. Upgrade these attributes to increase power and strength. Consume world secrets that correspond to a talent type to get upgrades.

• Claim Your Rewards
After playing for a while, make sure to visit the Task and Achievement tabs. These sections contain rewards such as cash or prestige and activity boosts. You must tap receive to claim any available reward.

• Keep Recruiting
I’m the Boss is all about taking over the crime rings all over the city and becoming the top kingpin. Gang members are the muscle on the streets and work to help you keep control over your territory. Keep recruiting more members to expand your influence and stay as the most feared crime lord in the eyes of other criminal gangs.


About I'm The Boss:

Developer: t4 game ltd
Download: Android and iOS

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