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Radiant Warriors of Dream World

Illusion Connect is a strategy RPG that treats players to a captivating plot. As part of the Murasaki Tribe, chosen to inherit the lens and become Radiants, you will lead a team of fighters to protect a fantasy land known as Dream. The goal is to rid it of enemies known as nightmares. These monsters erode human conscientiousness and fray the edges of reality.

Having taken the oath to pierce the veil of darkness, you heed the call of justice. Will you be able to stop the threat of nightmare incursions and lead your teams to victory? Find out by playing this fantastic game on your PC.

Strategic Turn-Based Battles

For the most part, you will spend your time engaging in endless battles during your adventures in the world of Illusion Connect. As the leader, you can have partners join you in combat. In each duel, the two opposing sides take turns to make either a defensive or offensive move. Fighting is automatic. You only focus on deploying heroes onto the battlefield.

What’s more, deployment uses up energy, which recharges during battle gradually. Every fighter has a cost for placing into duels and skills that synergize with other heroes. Therefore, you have to weigh your options regularly to win battles through sound strategy.

Illusion Connect Hero Archetypes

To dominate in this game, you must build a team of unbeatable fighters. Other Radiants will join the cause upon being summoned using tickets. Although only a handful will be available when you start the game, your roster will grow significantly with progress.

The character class system presents players with up to seven hero archetypes to choose from, each one having unique attributes.

To begin with, the Attack heroes inflict damage to single targets. They can be great for eliminating any enemy boss. In contrast, Sorcerers will help you with crowd control by wiping out weaker units with AoE (area of effect) damage.

Guardians protect the leader with their excellent defensive attributes, whereas Spell type units weaken or incapacitate adversaries. When you want to go on the offensive, there are expendable Summon type heroes. These cannon fodders do not specialize in any particular attribute but offer the advantage of being able to deploy additional units.

The Light class is a group of support type heroes. They offer buffs that boost stats for allies, which can change the tide of a battle in your favor.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Healers play an essential role in any battle formation. Apart from replenishing lost health, they can even revive fallen units.

Engaging Game Features

Illusion Connect goes beyond just offering endless team-battles by incorporating other features into the game. For instance, you will be able to design the Muscipula, a home for your Radiants, and customize it to your liking. From adorning it with wallpapers to adding decorative furniture, there are plenty of activities to enjoy life outside combat.

The storytelling features are quite engaging, as well. You will learn more about the game lore through subtitled conversations that come complete with voiceovers and animated cutscenes.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Illusion Connect on PC

• Start with the Best Characters

After completing the tutorial, you will get ticket rewards to do a 10x summon of partners. The characters that you pull from the gacha are random. If you receive a roster filled with low-level characters, a simple trick to reverse this is resetting the game and starting over. You can reroll the gacha as many times as possible after completing the short tutorial until you get a decent number of high-level SSR heroes to start the game on a competitive edge. On successive summoning attempts, you can try to recruit characters from any of the other banners other than the default one for beginners.

• Always Go for 10x Partner Summons

When it comes to summoning partners in Illusion Connect, which will become part of the battle team, there are two options for recruitment. You can acquire one or up to 10 fighters at once. A 10x partner summon guarantees you at least one SR character who has better stats than other lower-tier heroes. Therefore, take advantage of this option by making sure you have at least 10 summon tickets every time you decide to go and do some summoning.

• Always Finish with 3 Star Rating

After each challenge, players always get a star rating. The full score will reward you with three of them if you clear the stage, do so within a given time and make sure that the leader remains standing with a specified percentage of HP.

Accomplish each goal, and you will also earn diamonds. While it not necessary to get 3-stars all the time, the more you collect, the better. That is because there are extra rewards at the end of each chapter that you can earn if you accumulate a certain number of stars from previous challenges.

If you want to achieve the star-goals at each level, there are a couple of things you can do. Firstly, always go into battle with the recommend CP (combat power). Secondly, protect your leader from attacks as much as possible.

• Take Advantage of Class Weaknesses

In Illusion Connect, the different character classes have elemental advantages over opposing archetypes. For example, Attack units beat Sorcerers but they are easily defeated by Guardians.

Spell and Light types are both equally matched, while Summon heroes remain neutral. Lastly, Sorcerers deal more damage to Guardians.

• Level Up Your Heroes

Battles get progressively challenging as you advance in this game. Therefore, it is essential to keep leveling up your roster of heroes to stand a shot against stronger enemies.

Nightmare bottles are resources that you earn from combat and through other quests that help to increase XP and combat power. Once any unit reaches level-15, you will require gold, badges, and insignias to unlock the next similar number of levels. These resources are easy to find while playing the collapsed story mode, or you can redeem them from the in-game shop.

• Upgrade Wisely

While it is tempting to upgrade every hero in your roster, keep in mind that resources are limited. Therefore, you should invest in characters that have long-term value rather than waste resources on expandable ones.

How to play

How to play Illusion Connect on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Illusion Connect Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Illusion Connect on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Illusion Connect:

Illusion Connect has all the hallmark features of a great strategy RPG. It will keep you entertained with endless turn-based team battles and game lore that unfolds through character conversations with subtitles and an all-star cast of Japanese voiceovers. You lead a group of fighters known as Radiants against enemy units known as nightmares to protect a realm known as Dream. There are plenty of characters for you to recruit and upgrade. Besides knowing the wide range of hero classes, skills, and attributes, you have to study how they synergize with each other as well. Hero placement on the battle lineups is just as vital too. Download the game and install it on PC to start your epic adventure today.

Developer(s): Superprism Technology Co., Ltd and Chameleon Games

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