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How to play Idle Robbery on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Become the Best Robber in Town

Yes, the ultimate goal in Idle Robbery for PC is that simple – become the best robber. You are the big boss in this game and have command over your very own crew. Your job will be to manage your band of thieves and send them out on a series of heists.

Management of the crew entails upgrading your gang so that robberies run smoothly and quickly before the cops show up. In summary, you will be managing a three-phase operation. That includes hiring more crew members, making them stronger, and increasing their speed. The catch is you have to do all this while a robbery is ongoing. 

There are tabs labeled Crew, Strength, and Speed found at the bottom center of the screen. You can click (or tap) on these options to make the upgrades. To buy any of the three upgrade choices, first, you must make enough money. You amass earnings by stealing items and hauling them into a getaway van.


Simple Idle-Style Gameplay

 If you are looking for a game that offers sophisticated heist missions where you get to knock out guards, turn off alarms, or slip under motion sensors, Idle Robbery is not it. Even the rush of timing robberies to evade capture is not there. For some reason, the cops show up after the heist is over. All this is by design, though, since this is an idle game after all. Gameplay happens automatically, requiring the occasional tap from you to set several things in motion.

The heist journey begins with a truck pulling up in front of a small residence. Your merry band of robbers then roll out and start moving things from the house to the van one item at a time. The burglars won’t stop until they clean house, down to table fixtures and outside furniture. Even small items such as balls and mail-post are fare game.

Meanwhile, as the robbery takes place, you can be doing other things. For instance, buy the previously mentioned upgrades. You can also accomplish a whole range of tasks by tapping on an Achievements button situated at the top-right corner of the screen. 

The tasks include easy things like tapping on the screen 350 times, upgrading strength or speed a given number of times, hiring new crew three times, and so on. Every completed achievement earns you thousands of in-game currency.


Different Locations to Rob  

In Idle Robbery, heist jobs get bigger as you move deeper into the game. Locations begin with a small house and then move onto a Café, Mansion, Bank, Hotel, among others. Although some of the bigger targets have security, the guards run out hands in the air as the robbers’ roll-up. It is a rather a funny scene to watch as the guards run around a property all panicky while the robbers go on with their business unperturbed.

Choosing a new place to rob is as simple as tapping on the Map button found above the achievements control. The map feature presents you with all the available locations to rob and also allows you to see the progress of an ongoing robbery. Once a current heist is complete, the truck automatically zooms off to the new chosen location.

 Tips & Tricks for Playing Idle Robbery on PC

  • Expand your Crew ASAP

The more robbers you have, the faster a heist will go. So, spend the first couple of earnings on recruitment. The goal is to acquire all available twenty robbers, but a solid five will do at first before you turn to the other upgrade options.


  • Upgrades Speed Followed by Strength

Deciding on whether to increase strength or speed can be tricky since both upgrades have their benefits. More muscle enables your men to carry heavier items (which brings in a boost in profit) while speed gets heists done more quickly.

If you think about it, speed is the second most valuable upgrade after crew expansion. That is because hauling in stolen items faster will earn you more money compared to the occasional cash bonus when a burglar picks up something bulky. Besides, every item in a location will eventually make it to the truck with or without strength. Overall, getting a good number of crewmembers, followed by several speed upgrades, and an occasional strength boost is the most effective play strategy.

Idle Robbery for PC also features a Fast Forward button that speeds up a robbery job by several seconds in exchange for some diamonds. Use this from time to time to finish robberies even faster.


  • Hire Specialists at the perfect time 

Another aspect of play in the game is to acquire the services of a specialist – done by tapping on the avatar icon at the bottom-right side of the screen. Specialists come in several options and perform the task of increasing profit, speed, and strength to a certain extent (shown beside each specialist). The larger your boost is, the more Gems (game’s premium currency) it will cost to hire a given specialist.

Hiring a master burglar during the initial levels is a waste because the gain will not be worth the gems you spend. Therefore, wait patiently until the later phases where targets are bigger with more items to steal.

Also, do not wait until you are well into a heist to hire a specialist. If you are going to do it, get a specialist the minute the van pulls up to a new location. With this approach, the increase in profit, strength, and speed will be in effect the entire time of the robbery.


  • Stay Busy During Heists 

Although the game has funny animations, watching on as robberies happen can get boring. Lucky for you, the Idle Robbery offers a ton of side play. Aside from participating in and collecting achievements, you can play a mini-game of pick the lucky card, watch ads, and tap on offers (range from leveling up, to going idle, to tapping on a flying coin). It all makes for a more entertaining experience and earns you extra money at the same time.


About Idle Robbery:

Offered for both Android and iOS devices, Idle Robbery is one of the latest creations from ZPLAY Games. For a game that revolves around you being a thief, the activities offered are surprisingly detailed. For one, there are many locations to rob, which get more attractive as you progress. That plus the inclusion of several tasks and offers makes for a decent game. The ease with which you play is another plus for the game. Just tap away as you orchestrate heist after heist.

Developer: ZPLAY Games
Download: Android or iOS

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