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How to play Idle Mafia - Tycoon Manager on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Mafia-Themed Clicker Game

Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager is a unique clicker that simulates what it would be like to make tons of cash as a top leader within a criminal organization. In the game, you are a member of the Hammer gang, which is trying to expand its influence throughout the streets of New York. It won’t be easy, though, since rival syndicates will put up a fight. As a smart mobster, you enlist the services of local hoodlums to do all the dirty work for you.

You can play this game with your iOS or Android device. However, installing it on PC makes it easy to run idle tasks in the background while you work on other things then come back to check up on progress when you are free. As a result, you don’t lose time due to exiting the game on your phone

Expand Your Criminal Empire

In Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager, you earn cash from buildings that host all kinds of nefarious businesses. Launder money through casinos, gentleman clubs, or even loan shark stores. You will stop at nothing to make money.

Whatever illegal business you set up, it starts to produce cash, which you must claim before more can be produced. However, you have to invest more money to increase the returns. It’s only a matter of clicking the upgrade button, and the cash multiplier for the corresponding business will increase.

Although you can buy some of the establishments, most of the time, you will have to take them over by force from the rival Razor gang. Expand your racketeering operations and other insidious businesses to other territories with the help of crooks known as capos. These goons on your payroll will take on rival gangs in gunfights and manage your businesses for you.

Complete Missions

There are also missions to complete before you can move on to other streets. For instance, the challenge may be to take a building or collect a certain amount of cash in order to move on to the next stage.

What’s more, completed missions will drop all kinds of rewards. Keys, for instance, will open safes that allow you to summon a criminal for hire. The golden chests can reward you with a rare, epic, or legendary capo in the random gacha draw. Alternatively, you can use diamonds to get more crooks to work for you. Mission rewards can also provide you with cigars, which will level up your capos to boost their stats.

Tips & Tricks for Playing on Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager PC

  • Automate Cash Production

It is typical for idle games to offer ways of automating tasks that can go on with minimal intervention from the player. Well, Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager is no exceptionl. The game allows you to assign capos to buildings in order to automate the production. By doing so, your businesses will keep making money, thus eliminating the need to click or tap the screen every few seconds continually. Keep in mind, though, that you still have to claim your cash once it adds up.

  • Use Capos Correctly

When deploying capos, it is essential to take into account what skills they excel at most. For instance, the best mobsters to select for fights are those that unleash lots of damage to single enemy targets or an entire opposing team. On the other hand, some capos have excellent trading skills. You can have such talent managing your most productive businesses to maximize cash generation.

  • Play Other Modes

Besides the storyline quests, Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager offers other game modes to keep you entertained. Make sure to play them because there are lots of extra resources to collect from these side missions. From the cigar fights, for instance, you will get the resource required to level up your mobsters. Additionally, you can play the fight mode, jailbreak, and bounty quests to acquire a variety of other in-game currencies and items.

  • Group Mobsters from the Same Country

Once you collect plenty of capos from different regions, you can group those who come from the same country to activate buffs. For example, you get 5% extra health and damage if you send at least 3 mobsters with similar nationality to do battle. Another bonus comprising of a 3-2 country split will provide 10% more on these stats. Alternatively, 4 or 5 crooks from the same state will provide a 15% and 20% buff, respectively.


About Idle Mafia - Tycoon Manager:

Idle Mafia - Tycoon Manager is a clicker game that lets players build a criminal empire from the ground up. You will manage all kinds of insidious businesses, from gun shops and casinos to scam promos and so much more. The gameplay mechanics are quite easy to learn. You just need to take over business buildings and click on them to upgrade cash collection. You can hire talented criminals from all over the world known as capos to manage your businesses, take protection fees, and fight rival gangs on the streets. Become a ruthless crime lord in this idle clicker and enjoy being the boss who sits back and lets his loyal minions do all the dirty work.

Developer: Century Game & FunPlus
Download: Android or iOS

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